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Maritime Museum Education Director

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Posted: 06/03/2009

Annapolis Maritime Museum

Non-Profit Maritime Museum in Annapolis, MD dedicated to preserving and commemorating the maritime heritage of Annapolis and the neighboring waters of the Chesapeake Bay.

Maritime Museum Education Director
Professional Opportunity
Annapolis, MD
Open Until

Job Description

The Annapolis Maritime Museum intends to further develop and increase its education programs and community-based educational outreach partnerships. AMM is dedicated to preserving and commemorating the maritime heritage of Annapolis and the neighboring waters of the Chesapeake Bay. The Museum's education programs were launched in the spring of 2007 and have been successfully benchmarked and profiled in regard to increased academic performance, heightened enthusiasm for learning, and an increase in environmental stewardship. Our success created a baseline for advancement and the Board of Directors' approval to expand and improve our programs. The selected Education Director will be key in identifying educational opportunities and creating and implementing curriculum that advances the Museum's mission. A critical component will be proven success in expanding and creating community-based educational outreach partnerships and the effective management and integration of volunteer-based support.

Responsibilities include:

? Working with colleagues (paid and volunteer) in the planning, development, implementation, coordination and evaluation of education programs and experiences that meet the diverse needs of AMM audiences, including professional development for teachers and school outreach.

? Working closely with AMM staff to coordinate existing programs and develop new programs that will fully leverage AMM's historical, environmental and institutional resources.

? Developing, implementing and evaluating outreach strategies to promote AMM's educational visitation and programs.

? Planning and implementing curriculum and educator training.

? Researching, developing and implementing collateral materials for AMM's education audiences, programs and educator training.

? Understanding, identifying and appropriately responding to a diverse audience that includes students, families, and other life-long learners.

? Together with Board members, staff, and individually, promoting AMM's programs to current and prospective donors to generate funding for exponential growth.

? Recruiting, training, and scheduling volunteers to plan and implement programs.


The ideal candidate will have, at a minimum, a Bachelors degree (B.A./B.S.) from an accredited four-year college or university in sciences, social sciences, history, or a related field with at least three to five years experience in an interpretive or educational program in a museum or related educational institution; a Master's degree in a related field, with experience is preferred.

a.. Demonstrated ability to supervise and manage staff and resources; to teach, train and/or interpret information and communicate effectively with a wide variety of audiences.

b.. Demonstrated skills in working professionally and collaboratively as part of a team.

c.. Demonstrated ability to work effectively and creatively using computers and on-line technology.

d.. Strong communication skills, both written and oral to include public speaking/presentation skills.

e.. Experience with upkeep of large-scale aquariums a plus.

f.. Preferred applicants should demonstrate a keen interest and mastery of historic and maritime topics, and offer creative and innovative approaches to AMM's programmatic and educational development.

How to apply
To apply for this position, please submit a cover letter, resume, and a list of three professional references to Education Director Search, PO Box 3088, Annapolis, MD 21403 or email volunteer@amaritime.org by June 25, 2009. No phone calls Please
Heather Ersts
PO Box 3088
Annapolis, MD 21403

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