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Posted: 10/24/2009

Castle in the Clouds
Management - Executive Director

The Castle in the Clouds is an outstanding historic landmark property on a 5,000 acre mountain-side sight in Moultonborough, New Hampshire. The Castle is guided by the Castle Preservation Society and is a multi- dimensional facility that focuses on preservation, recreation, historic, and education related activities.

Executive Director
Professional Opportunity
Moultonborough, NH
90K to 110 total comp

Job Description:

The Executive Director of the Castle in the Clouds house museum will work with a high degree of independence, guided by the Castle Preservation Society. The Executive Director is responsible for all aspects of the organization, overseeing the tourist/function business as well as supervising and providing staff support for the non- profit museum side of the operation. The Executive Director will communicate the mission of the Castle preservation Society and the significance of the castle through staff training, programs, publicity. The Executive Director in conjunction with the Board will help prepare a long term strategic plan, an annual work plan, and an annual budget. In addition to daily operations, primary responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

-Hire, train, manage, and supervise all Castle personnel

-Recruit, train, manage, and reward volunteers

-Oversee preservation and maintenance of buildings and grounds, housekeeping and collections care

-Prepare and implement marketing strategies suitable to promote house museum to tourists and function facilities to brides and businesses

-Prepare press releases and other communications materials including a newsletter: maintain updated media lists

-Manage gift shop

-Secure all necessary permits and licenses

-Assure Castles conformity with all state and local regulations

-Participate in Lakes Region organizations promoting tourism

-Oversee snack bar operations whether directly run or outsourced

-Develop programs to enhance visitors experience, identify sponsors

-Book special events spaced throughout the season and publicize them

-Arrange for a series of mission related exhibitions/events, identify sponsors

-Provide staff support for membership development, maintain data base

-Provide staff support for fund raising campaigns, maintain database

-Maintain all financial records of the organization

-Prepare and manage budget

-Prepare periodic reports and financials for CPS Board meetings

Personal Skills

-Ability to see the big picture and to recognize what is needed to get there

-Outgoing personality with genuine interest in people

-Independent, self starter with ability to initiate, develop, and follow through on initiatives

-Ability to motivate and work well with staff, volunteers and the Board

-Strong leadership and communication skills

Specific Skills

-Management, marketing, and PR experience

-Computer competence, including Word, Excel, and QuickBooks software

-Previous experience in program development

Job Responsibilities/Candidate Profile:

Management and Leadership Skills

-Excellent organizational, financial and planning skills. Non profit experience preferred, but not required. Proven prior successful experience required

-Capable of providing both the vision and the leadership skills required for success

-Able to build a team delegate and motivate people to do their best

-Strong leadership, management and communications skills

-Able to operate and manage a profitable organization successfully

-Good understand of finance, knowledge of controls

-Good planner, able to anticipate problems and contingencies

-Has the technology skills to guide and control planning, operations and finances

-Ability to work closely and effectively with a non-profit Board

-Attract and retain a team staff and cadre of volunteers

-Able to motivate employees

-Sensitive to individual needs but requiring definite measurable standards of performance

Communication Skills

-Good listener

-Effective communicator

-Ability to write and speak well

-Able to communicate with staff, volunteers and the Board

-Lead and communicate effectively with Board, staff and public

-Able to deal well with public, board, contributors, and press


-Proven management experience and success. Non profit experience preferred, but not required

-Education or experience to provide an appreciation of the role and relevance of history and historical artifacts

-Fund raising and marketing experience

-Technology skills required to guide and control planning, finances, and operations

-Management experience with a positive record of hiring, managing and developing personnel

Personal Qualities

-Has a sense of humor

-Presentable figurehead as leader of the organization

-Good people skills, outgoing

-An organized mind and manner

-Generates calm and confidence in the work force

-Ethical and fair

-Seeks the challenge of growing a business

-Good social skills with a wide variety of kinds of people

-Cool under stress

-Flexible and understanding of people

-Independent, self starter able to initiate and motivate personnel

-Decision maker in dynamic environment

-A hands on person, able to multi-task

-Take charge ability

-A physical presence in the organization

-A quick learner

-Positive and flexible

Castle Challenges in the next five years


-Develop a five year plan to include revenue, expenses and capital budget

-Build tourist business to cover Castle operations

-Develop new ideas to attract new visitors

-Coordinate separate businesses to strengthen CPS as a whole

-Build and strengthen staff and volunteers

-Develop new functions and businesses to earn repeat visitors

-Identify client base and develop marketing plan

-Combine functions of business and museum


-Obtain high quality management to implement day to day operations in concert with Board policy

-Hire a leader with good organizational, planning and people skills able to anticipate rather than react

-Build, train and supervise high performing staff

-Develop organization with skilled managers in each Castle function

-Improve and expand operational infrastructure

-Establish clear, comprehensive staffing lineup to cover all need areas

Physical Plant

-Complete Castle restoration and find necessary funding

-Register the Castle as a National Historic landmark

-Resolve facilities supervisor interruptions to service


-Grow Castle businesses for profitability

-Build on successful current activities and expand them where deemed feasible

-Earn repeat business

-Increase number of visitors annually, develops strong marketing strategy

Board Operations

-Enlarge Board with dedicated individuals who can lead the Castle to economic and philanthropic potential

-Bring in new board members with relevant strengths

-Expand Board to allow for inclusion of experts in relevant areas

-Build town and gown relationships

-Finalize relationship with Lakes Region Conservation Trust

Fund Raising

-Need to fund raise for Castle facilities  from multiple sources

-Build base of donors

OPen until
Until Filled

How to apply
Instructions for applying: Send a letter of application and resume immediately to hareassociates@verizon.net. The letter should reference selected (not all) items included in the candidate profile and Castle challenges described above. Five current letters of recommendation with phone contact information will be required of semi-finalists, finalists will be asked to approve gathering of additional background information. Dudley Hare Jr. of Hare Associates LLC will be providing consultant services for the Castle Preservation Society for this search and is the contact point for all search questions and information.
Dudley Hare

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