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Advocacy Director

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Posted: 12/28/2009

Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia

The Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia is a nonprofit, membership organization whose mission is to promote the appreciation, protection, and revitalization of the Philadelphia region's historic buildings, communities and landscapes.

Advocacy Director
Professional Opportunity
Philadelphia, PA

Advocacy is both an area of focus for the Preservation Alliance as well as a component of all of its activities. Advocacy efforts include activities focused on public policies and the decisions of public agencies; building public awareness of the value of historic preservation and mobilizing public support for specific preservation issues; and developing pro-active advocacy activities designed to avoid crisis situations before the develop.

The Advocacy Director reports to the executive director and works collaboratively with all of the Alliances other staff members.

The functions of the position include:

" Development of the Alliances overall advocacy program and advocacy positions for specific projects;

" Staff support to the Alliances Advocacy Committee;

" Research, analysis and presentation of testimony on applications submitted to the Philadelphia Historical Commission or other agencies;

" Preparation of nominations to the Philadelphia Register and supervision of volunteers, interns or consultants preparing nominations for the Philadelphia or National Register;

" Coordination with other organizations regarding advocacy positions;

" Preparation of the Alliances annual Endangered Buildings List;

" Preparation of property descriptions for preservation easements;

" Assistance to community organizations, individuals and other organizations regarding advocacy issues;

" Development of online petitions, letter writing and other forms for public participation in advocacy;

" Maintenance of advocacy information on the Alliances website and overall management of the Alliances Preserve Philadelphia website including coordination with consultants and staff on content for the website.

The position requires a bachelor degree in a field relevant to historic preservation and a graduate degree in historic preservation or a directly related field. A minimum of two years of professional experience is also required. In the case of candidates without a graduate degree, additional experience beyond two years is required. Professional experience should include a strong component of research or advocacy work for such organizations as historical societies, academic institutions, public or nonprofit preservation agencies or consulting firms.

The position requires knowledge of architectural history and architectural terminology as well as strong research and writing skills. Experience in public speaking or presentation of projects to the general public or public agencies is desired. Computer competency is essential, including at a minimum, all Microsoft Office applications and the use of the Internet for communications and research. Experience with digital photography is also desirable.

The Advocacy Director is a full time position. The salary range is $37,000 to $52,000 plus benefits, depending on prior experience and qualifications.

The Alliance is an equal opportunity employer and seeks qualified candidates without regard to race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion or other factors.

Position expected to be filled as early in 2010 as a suitable candidate can be found.

OPen until

How to apply
To apply, please send a letter of interest describing prior experience relevant to the list of functions and a resume to advocacy@preservationalliance.com, or by mail to John Andrew Gallery, Preservation Alliance, 1616 Walnut Street, Suite 1620, Philadelphia PA 19103.
John Gallery

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