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AmeriCorp--Contruction Coordinator

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Posted: 07/13/2010

Midtown Alliance of Neighbors

The Midtown Alliance of Neighbors is a fairly new organization, formed in 2008 in response to a revitalization plan the the City of Paducah, KY, devised to help, well, revitalize a wonderful early 20th century, originally middle/working class neighborhood. MAN's broader mission is "to create stronger neighbors and neighborhoods in Paducah, Kentucky, through education, community activities, and home rehabilitation." In the past two years, we have rehabilitated one home in the Fountain Avenue neighborhood; instituted a volunteer-led Repair Affair work day where we helped 13 low-income homeowners with critical repairs last year; helped the City with cleanout and basic maintenance of a few of the 50+ houses they've acquired and are seeking developers for; and begun salvaging building materials as we are able from houses that are being torn down around the community.

AmeriCorp--Contruction Coordinator
Internship Opportunity
Paducah, KY

Seeking an AmeriCorp service member to help our non-profit in working with low- and moderate income homeowners in an early 20th century neighborhood targeted as a revitalization area by the City of Paducah. We need a Construction Coordinator to serve as an AmeriCorp member for 1 year beginning September 1. Position to be filled by first of August. Primary job duties will be to

--Serve as Project Manager, coordinating subcontractors and supervising a "volunteer" work crew for additional work, to complete up to three complete rehabs of low income homeowners homes.

--Coordinate two volunteer-led work event a year, helping 15-18 homeowners. Work will include all aspects of the event--review of applications, visits to identify and prioritize work, recruitment of volunteers, and pricing and purchase of materials as needed and coordination of work to be done

--Aid and advise low- and moderate-income homeowners on work to be done as inspections occur--help with both planning and how-to.

An ideal candidate for the position we need filled would have the following skills:

--Strong hands on knowledge of how to do a variety of repairs/replacements typically needed in the rehabilitation of older houses. Carpentry especially. But also a familiarity with tuckpoing and other masonry issues and at least a passing familiarity with electric, plumbing, and hvac--especially how alterations of these fit into overall planning and relate to carpentry needs.

--Ability to understand the overall needs of a rehab job and to work with others (or take the lead in) structuring a rehab project.

--Ability to teach, direct, and work with others. Volunteer work crews, subcontractors, home owners.

There is additional information about the whole Fountain Avenue Revitalization project on a City-developed website--fountainave.com

OPen until
none given

How to apply
Call Sharon Poat at 270-442-8947 or 270-556-0826 for more information. E-mail questions and/or informal resume to poats@bellsouth.net. A telephone interview will be arranged.
Sharon Poat
Phone: (270) 442-8947
300 Fountain Avenue
Paducah, KY 42001

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