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Request for Letters of Interest, Historic Architectural Services

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Posted: 05/02/2011

North Carolina Department of Transportation

Request for Letters of Interest, Historic Architectural Services
Professional Opportunity
Raleigh, NC







The primary and/or subconsultant firm(s) shall be Pre-qualified to perform services for the Project Development and Environmental Analysis Branch (Human Environment Unit/Historic Architectural Surveys of Standing Structures(Buildings & Bridges)) to perform the below referenced work.

Such studies would include

(a) conducting reconnaissance and intensive-level architectural and

landscape field surveys,

(b) identifying, analyzing and evaluating historic properties,

(c) preparing historic contexts and biographical sketches,

(d) completing evaluations of National Register eligibility, and

(e) recommending carefully delineated and justified National Register boundaries.

All investigations would comply with the requirements of Section 106 of the National Historic

Preservation Act of 1966, as amended, other state and federal regulations, and NCDOT’s current Guidelines for Survey Reports for Historic Architectural Resources.

The method of payment will be on a lump sum basis. The work will be performed on various

projects throughout the State and will be identified on an as needed basis; the same degree of

assistance will not be required on all projects.

Any firm wishing to be considered must be properly registered with the Office of the

Secretary of State. The firm must have the financial ability to undertake the work and assume the liability. The selected firm will be required to furnish proof of Professional Liability insurance

coverage in the minimum amount of $1,000,000. The firm must have an adequate accounting

system to identify costs chargeable to the project.


The Department encourages the use of Small Professional Services Firms (SPSF). Small

businesses determined to be eligible for participation in the SPSF program are those meeting size standards defined by Small Business Administration (SBA) regulations, 13 CFR Part 121 in Sector 54 under the North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS). The SPSF program is a race, ethnicity, and gender neutral program designed to increase the availability of contracting opportunities for small businesses on federal, state or locally funded contracts. SPSF participation is not contingent upon the funding source.

The Firm, at the time the Letter of Interest is submitted, shall submit a listing of all known

SPSF firms that will participate in the performance of the identified work. The participation

shall be submitted on the Department’s Subconsultant Form RS-2. RS-2 forms may be

accessed on the website at https://apps.dot.state.nc.us/quickfind/forms/Default.aspx.

The SPSF must be qualified with the Department to perform the work for which they are


Real-time information about firms doing business with the Department and firms that are SPSF

certified through the Contractual Services Unit is available in the Directory of Transportation Firms.

The Directory can be accessed by the link on the Department’s homepage or by entering

https://apps.dot.state.nc.us/vendor/directory/ in the address bar of your web browser.

The listing of an individual firm in the Department’s directory shall not be construed as an

endorsement of the firm.


The Department maintains a file on each qualified firm that has expressed an interest in

providing professional services. Included in this file are a company brochure and Form

PREQUAL-1 listing personnel and their qualifications for performing desired work,

company’s present activities and financial qualifications. At the time this initial information is

submitted, a sample of recent work is needed for evaluation.

If your firm has submitted or updated this data since July 1, 2010, please advise when the

new data packet(s) were sent to the Department in the Cover/Introductory Letter with your

letter of interest. Having this data on file with the Department eliminates the need to

resubmit this data with each letter of interest.

If your firm has not submitted or updated this data since July 1, 2010, please submit the new data to the Department prior to submittal of your letter of interest. An application may be accessed at https://apps03.dot.state.nc.us/vendor/prequal or a hard/paper copy may be obtained from the Technical Services Division (Contractual Services Unit). Having this data on file with the Department eliminates the need to resubmit this data with each letter of interest.

Even though specific DBE goals are not established for this project, the Department of

Transportation is committed to its 2010 annual aspirational goal for Disadvantaged Business

Enterprises (DBE) participation of 13.4% in federally funded projects, and to annual aspirational

goals for Minority Business Enterprises (MBE) of 8.1% and Women’s Business Enterprises (WBE) participation of 8.0% on State funded projects. providing opportunity for these firms. The Firm, subconsultant, and subfirm shall not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, age, disability or sex in the performance of this contract.


All qualified firms who submit responsive letters of interest will be considered.

The evaluation of firms submitting letters of interest for this project will be based on the

following considerations and their respective weights:

1. The evaluation of performance on any previous contracts with the North Carolina

Department of Transportation; 50%

2. The firm’s experience and staff to perform the type of work required, including any

designated subconsultants; 50%

North Carolina firms qualified to do the required work will be given priority consideration. A

North Carolina firm is a firm that maintains an office in North Carolina staffed with an adequate

number of employees judged by the Department to be capable of performing a majority of the work required. After reviewing qualifications, if firms are equal on the evaluation review, then those qualified firms with proposed SPSF participation will be given priority consideration.


All letters of interest are limited to fifteen (15) pages (RS-2 forms are not included in the

page count) inclusive of the cover sheet, and shall be typed on 8 1/2” x 11” sheets, single spaced, one sided. ONLY ELECTRONIC LETTERS OF INTEREST WILL BE ACCEPTED. Letters of interest containing more than fifteen (15) pages will not be considered.

Letters of Interest should be submitted in .pdf format using software such as Adobe,

CutePDF, PDF Writer, Docudesk, deskPDF, etc. One copy of the Letter of Interest should be sent (via NCDOT’s FTS system) to the following e-mail address as a .pdf file: psmu-411@ncdot.gov. The FTS system will send you an electronic receipt when your LOI is downloaded to PSMU’s server. Paper copies are not required. The subject line should contain the PEF’s Name, and “LOI for 2011 Historic Architectural and Landscape Analyses LSA”.

If an interested firm does not have an FTS account they should send a request through email

to psmu-411@ncdot.gov . A response will be sent via the FTS system that will provide a login

username, password, and login procedures.

Section I - Cover/Introductory Letter

The introductory letter should be addressed to Mr. Scott D. Blevins, P.E., Manager of the

Professional Services Management Unit. Said letter is limited to two (2) pages and should contain the following elements of information:

•?Expression of firm’s interest in the work;

•?Statement of whether firm is on register;

•?Date of most recent private engineering firm qualification;

•?Statement regarding firms possible conflict of interest for the work; and

•?Summation of information contained in the letter of interest.

Section II - Evaluation Factors

This section is limited to five (5) pages and should contain information regarding evaluation

and other factors listed in the advertisement such as:

•?Identify project personnel qualifications and experience as related to this work;

•?Unique qualifications of key team members;

•?Identify type and location of similar work performed within last seven (7) years;

•?Understanding of project approach; and

•?Any innovative approaches to be used.

Note: If a project team encounters personnel changes, or any other changes of

significance dealing with the company, NCDOT should be notified immediately.

Section III - Supportive Information

This section is limited to eight (8) pages and should contain the following information:

•?Capacity Chart/Graph (available work force);

•?Organizational chart indicating personnel to be assigned by discipline;

•?Resumes of key personnel;

•?Names, classifications, and location of the firm’s North Carolina employees and

resources to be assigned to the advertised work; and

•?Other information.



Completed Form RS-2 forms SHALL be submitted with the firm’s letter of interest.

This section is limited to the number of pages required to provide the requested information.

Submit Form RS-2 forms for the following:

•?Prime Consultant firm (Prime Consultant Form RS-2 Rev 1/14/08), and;

•?ANY/ALL subconsultant firms (Subconsultant Form RS-2 Rev 1/15/08) to be or

anticipated to be utilized by your firm.

Complete and sign each Form RS-2 (instructions are listed on the form).

In the event the firm has no subconsultant, it is required that this be indicated on the

Subconsultant Form RS-2 by entering the word “None” or the number “ZERO” and signing

the form.

The required forms are available at:


Private consulting firms are invited to have letters of interest for furnishing Historic

Architectural Services E-MAILed to the Professional Services Management Unit by 12:00 p.m. on May 18, 2011. Letters of interest received after this deadline will not be considered.

Firms submitting letters of interest are encouraged to carefully check them for

conformance to the requirements stated above. If letters of interest do not meet ALL of these requirements or if they are sent by any other means other than NCDOT’s FTS system, or to any address other than psmu-411@ncdot.gov they will be disqualified. No exception will be granted.

The e-mail address is: psmu-411@ncdot.gov

Any questions concerning the advertisement or scope should be directed to Scott Blevins, PE, at sblevins@ncdot.gov or by telephone at 919-250-3004.

If you feel information provided is inadequate to submit a letter of interest, please contact Mr.


The firm(s) selected will be notified by June 6, 2011. Notification will not be sent to firms not

selected. The firm(s) selected will be listed on the Internet at

http://www.ncdot.org/doh/preconstruct/highway/roadway/eng_coord/selection_comm/current.html by June 7, 2011.

OPen until
none given

How to apply
Please follow the directions described above. Any questions should be directed to Scott Blevins, PE, at sblevins@ncdot.gov or 919-250-3004

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