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Posted: 06/03/2011

City of Leesville, LA
Leesville Main Street

Main Street Manager
Professional Opportunity
Leesville, LA

The Leesville Main Street Manager is responsible for creating and managing programs and projects that meet the objectives, as determined by the Board of Directors, of the Leesville Main Street program. The Leesville Main Street Board of Directors is charged with the economic, cultural and physical revitalization of the Leesville Main Street District.

The Main Street Manager is an advocate for Leesville Main Street, providing information and background on its goals and accomplishments to business owners, city officials and staff, and other interested persons and investors in the Main Street District. The Main Street Manager will be a positive and energetic source for the long-term revitalization of Leesville Main Street and will represent and support the program throughout the region.

The Main Street Manager promotes excellence in design, good business practices and compliance with city, parish, state and federal regulations. As the Leesville Main Street program currently has no clerical staff, the Main Street Manager is responsible for all clerical duties as necessary for the running of the office.


The Leesville Main Street Manager duties will encompass a variety of tasks as determined by the Board of Directors. Annual evaluations will be based on defined goals and objectives agreed upon by the Main Street Manager and the Board of Directors. The Main Street Manager will:

1. Be knowledgeable about the four point Main Street approach to economic revitalization.

2. Work with the President and the Board of Directors to implement and direct the program of the organization.

3. Direct efforts at business retention, expansion, and recruitment, including providing information, expertise and appropriate referrals

to business owners, marketing the Leesville Main Street program to outside businesses, working with developers and business

owners to enhance the quality of retail and commercial space within the district.

4. Develop funding sources for expansion and development of Leesville Main Street in concert with other organizations, civic clubs,

agencies and government entities.

5. Promote Leesville Main Street by increasing the diversity of its user population.

6. Be well versed on the Leesville Historic District guidelines, City of Leesville Master Plan, and the City of Leesville municipal and

zoning codes and requirements, and coordinate with the representatives of those groups as required.

7. Create and implement a program of regular contacts with existing and new members of the Main Street community to foster their

support and participation.

8. Be familiar with persons or groups directly or indirectly involved in the revitalization of Leesville Main Street.

9. Work directly with the community to enhance Leesville Main Street.

10. Attend Board of Directors, committee, sub-committee, and task group meetings as necessary or as directed by the President and/or

the Board of Directors. Attend state, regional and national Main Street conferences and training sessions.

11. Work with the Treasurer and any required financial personnel to maintain the finances for the program.

12. Work with the Board of Directors and various committees to develop and implement an annual work plan upon which the program

will operate.

13. Provide assistance and management, as an exofficio member, of all Main Street committees.

14. Manage recruitment, evaluation and retention of volunteers, including members of the various Main Street committees, special

project volunteers and short term volunteers.

15. Produce press releases and maintain good relationships with the media in west central Louisiana.

16. Write, edit and publish informative brochures, packets and flyers

17. Produce and edit a newsletter and newspaper articles, create and maintain a web-based and social media presence for the program.

18. Ensure that all outgoing materials adhere to the standards of Leesville Main Street.

19. Prepare necessary reports, summaries, grant requirements, and research projects.

20. Perform other duties as may be assigned by the Board of Directors

21. Coordinate with the “Friends of Main Street” organization as directed by the Board of Directors.


The Main Street Manager should have at least two years combination of education and experience in one or more of the following: business organizations, non- profit organizations, small business development, public relations, planning, retailing, fundraising, historic preservation,

sociology, urban geography, architecture or a related field. Main Street experience is a plus. The Manager should be a self-starter and imaginative. Excellent written, verbal and public speaking skills are required. Proficiency in computer skills such as word processing, spread sheet and graphics applications is a requirement.

OPen until
none given

How to apply
Send resumes and City application to the City Administrator no later than 5:00 PM on June 10, 2011 at: City of Leesville, Louisiana 101 West Lee Street Leesville, Louisiana 71446. A City application is available on the City Website. The City of Leesville is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Phone: (337) 239-2444
Fax: (337) 239-8030
101 West Lee Street
Leesville, LA 71446

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