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RFQ for Amendment of Central High National Register District

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Posted: 07/11/2011

City of Little Rock Arkansas Historic District Commission

A Certified Local Government City.

RFQ for Amendment of Central High National Register District
Professional Opportunity
Little Rock, AR


Respondents must provide information regarding qualifications and characteristics of their firm in the following order:

• Firm / Individual. List the name, address, and phone number of the primary firm or individual submitting the qualifications. State whether or not the proposal is a joint venture. List all other consulting firms that are part of the proposal.

• Project Leader and Team. Provide an organizational chart showing key personnel by name. List the name, title, telephone number, and primary qualifications of the team leader. This person will be the primary contact person and shall be directly involved with all phases of the project. Provide resumes of all participants.

• Reference Projects. Provide a brief synopsis for three National Register Nominations amendments or similar projects completed, demonstrating the firm’s capability of performing an architectural survey. Include the location of the job, name of the client, contact person, and phone numbers.

• Work Plan. Provide a detailed work plan, describing the approach to be taken in preparing the amendment and identifying any major concerns.

• Schedule. Provide a detailed schedule of the work to be performed.

• Additional Information. Up to three selections of support materials may be included, such as reviews, news articles and other related information which you feel supports your firm’s qualification for this project. These materials shall be bound and contained within the prospectus.

• The successful firm(s) must be authorized to conduct business in Arkansas prior to entering a consultant contract with the City.

All of the responses to the above criteria and qualifications shall address the following as stated in the Professional Qualification Standards as outlined in 36 CFR Part 61, National Park Service Secretary of the Interior Standards:

• Familiarity with the origins and development of the historic preservation movement.

• Knowledge of the field of historic preservation as it is practiced in the United States, including its philosophies, theories, practices, laws, regulations, policies, and standards, and relationship to the discipline as a whole.

• Ability to apply Federal and relevant State and local historic preservation laws, regulations, policies, and standards in the public and private sectors, including Federal, State, and local government agencies, and private organizations.

• Ability to apply the appropriate set(s) of the “Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Archeology and Historic Preservation,” and/or the National Register of Historic Places criteria.

OPen until
none given

How to apply
Instructions are online at City Website. Hard copies must be delivered to City Finance Office. Applications are due on July 28, 2011.
Brian Minyard
Phone: (501) 371-4789
723 West Markham
Little Rock, AR 72201

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