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Community Outreach Coordinator

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Posted: 01/25/2012

Los Angeles Conservancy

The Los Angeles Conservancy, formed in 1978 over the battle to save Los Angeles’ Central Library, is now the largest local historic preservation organization in the United States, with over 7,000 members from around the Los Angeles area. The Conservancy works to protect threatened historic structures from demolition or damaging alterations, and aims to put in place strong public policies to support historic preservation in Los Angeles.

Community Outreach Coordinator
Professional Opportunity
Los Angeles, CA


Job Description:


To assist the Los Angeles Conservancys Director of Advocacy in the organizations advocacy work to preserve and revitalize the built heritage of Los Angeles County by providing technical assistance to members of Latino communities, building relationships with neighborhood organizations, and encouraging a reciprocal dialogue with Latino residents to help identify and protect significant cultural resources.




·         Provide technical assistance to property owners, developers, and city officials involved in preservation projects within Latino neighborhoods;


·         Lead the Conservancys outreach efforts in predominantly Latino neighborhoods, including collaboration with residents, neighborhood organizations, and elected officials on preservation education and advocacy issues;


·         Learn about the priorities of Latino communities through constituent interviews and other market research, focusing on the attitudes of different generations and cultural groups within Latino communities towards historic preservation;


·         Encourage a reciprocal dialogue with Latino residents to identify significant cultural resources and, when necessary, organize and prepare residents with essential tools for fighting preservation battles;


·         Work with the Conservancys Educational Outreach Coordinator in crafting a plan of action for community outreach that engages youth in the history of their built environment, including identification of organizational partners for youth outreach programming;


·         Develop special projects addressing historic preservation in Latino communities (i.e. sensitive home repairs, establishing HPOZs, landmark nomination process, etc.);


·         Oversee the translation of Conservancy website content, educational materials and brochures into Spanish;


·         Conduct public relations work through Spanish-language media outlets; 


·         Represent the Conservancy at public hearings on preservation issues;


·         Give presentations to community organizations on historic preservation and the work of the Conservancy;


·         Work with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, as part of national Latino Initiative and continue the Conservancys collaboration with the Trust on advocacy, grants, programs and research.




·         Familiarity with both longtime and first-generation Latino immigrant residents, as well as the diverse cultural groups within Latino communities;


·         Ability to effectively communicate the value of historic preservation to residents and elected officials;


·         Political savvy and familiarity with government decision-making on historic preservation issues in the City of Los Angeles, other local governments, and state and national levels;


·         Successful experience with community organizing, including facilitating small-group discussion;


·         Good working knowledge or interest in historic preservation, urban planning, public policy, and/or architectural history;


·         Experience with developing, guiding and managing special programs;


·         Excellent written and oral communication skills in both Spanish and English, and

OPen until
Until Filled

How to apply
To Apply Please send resume and writing sample to: Adrian Scott Fine Director of Advocacy Los Angeles Conservancy 523 W. Sixth St., Suite 826 Los Angeles, CA 90014 (213) 623-3909 (fax) afine@laconservancy.org
Adrian Scott Fine
Phone: 213-430-4203
Fax: 213-623-3909
523 West Sixth Street, Suite 826
Los Angeles, CA 90013

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