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Digital Archivist-Temporary Contract

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Posted: 02/01/2012

Raíces Cultural Center
Raíces Cultural Archive-Raíces Roots Online Digital Archive

Raíces Cultural Center is a New Brunswick, New Jersey based 501(c)3 non-profit cultural center dedicated to the preservation of cultural roots through the arts. We seek to provide a home for the exploration of culture and development of the arts and education in our community. The Raíces Cultural Archive is intended to serve as a research and preservation tool, available to the public through a physical library and collections, as well as an online interface which serves to highlight archival projects, maintain digital libraries and catalogs, and provide a platform for members of the community to contribute media and information to open and active projects. Raíces Mission Raíces Cultural Center, a NJ Nonprofit Corporation is interested in the preservation of Caribbean cultures as reflected in music, art, dance, and the spoken word. Raíces Cultural Center's principal goal is the investigation, compilation, documentation, preservation, and dissemination of traditional Caribbean culture through art. Raíces Vision "Raíces" means roots. Raíces Cultural Center has put down its roots in the Hub City of New Brunswick, creating a home for the creative exploration and education in cultural arts in central NJ. Raíces seeks to foster a vibrant community of artists and create a center for exploration, collaboration and cultural fusion within the performing, visual and media arts. We believe that the arts are for everyone, that the creative process is a basic aspect of the human experience, and we encourage all to participate. Raíces Cultural Center provides the tools, resources and training for artists and community members to succeed creatively as well as sustain themselves economically. Artists are encouraged to make their life around their art and are given the opportunities and venues to support themselves through their work in the arts. More information about Raíces programs and services can be found on our website: www.raicesculturalcenter.org.

Digital Archivist-Temporary Contract
Professional Opportunity
New Brunswick, NJ
Depends on experience

Raíces Cultural Center A NJ Nonprofit Corporation seeks a digital archivist to design, create and implement a user-friendly online interface for its archive. This is a short term project and should be complete by April 2012. The interface, the Raíces Roots Online Archive would include several components:

  • A catalog of materials available in the current on-site Caribbean culture library (books, films, video, audio recordings, electronic data, printed materials, cultural objects, visual art collection)
  • Active projects based on cultural topics and themes designated by project coordinators, and a media archive of Raíces activities, programs and events
  • Raíces produced content documenting and exploring the rich visual, musical, artistic and culturally rooted history of the organization and the cultures it seeks to preserve.


  • Ability to create user-friendly online interface or content management system for the Raíces Cultural Archive. Interface must allow for multiple users.
  • Able to travel to Raíces Cultural Center for initial meeting and project design, then work remotely to create the interface.
  • Familiarity with metadata standards.
  • Experience with digital libraries.
  • Previous experience with cultural or historical preservation projects preferred.

OPen until
Until Filled

How to apply
Please send resumé with portfolio and/or work sample (at least one is required, we will not look at any applications without a portfolio or work sample) to raices@raicesculturalcenter.org or by mail: Raíces Cultural Center P.O. Box 5701 New Brunswick, N.J. 08901 Questions about the archive or the project? Call a Raíces Cultural Center director. Nicole Wines: 732-236-7618 Francisco G. Gómez: 908-227-5671 Full job description can be found here: http://www.raicesculturalcenter.org/digital_archivist_job_description.html
Nicole Wines
Phone: 732-236-7618
P.O. Box 5701
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

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