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Architectural Historian

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Posted: 04/04/2012

URS Corporation

Architectural Historian
Professional Opportunity
Baton Rouge, LA
Open Until

Bachelor's degree in historic preservation or equivalent program.  

Must be a Secretary of Interior-qualified architectural historian.

Minimum 6 years of relevant work experience.  Must have at least one year's experience identifying and recording Gulf Coast single family residences and other buildings. Masters degree in architectural history, historic preservation, or related discipline can substitute for up to two years of work experience.

Must be proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and Access.

This position will involve the candidate working full time out of the URS office in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  The primary role will be to directly assist a Project Manager in oversight of day-to-day operations for several large-scale housing disaster recovery programs currently underway in the states of Texas and Mississippi.  The role includes reviewing reports and making determinations of NRHP-eligibility and effect on many single family residences; creating submissions to State Historic Preservation Offices using methods defined in executed Programmatic Agreements; working with other URS staff to create and certify Environmental Assessments for the program applications; and ensuring that contractor work scopes comply with Section 106 requirements. 

The successful candidate will travel roughly one week per month to south Mississippi and Texas to meet with URS historic preservation field teams.  The candidate will also routinely meet with south Mississippi and Texas residents, contractors and SHPO staff  in the course of their duties.  The role will include occasional assistance to other Baton Rouge cultural resource projects for Section 106/110 compliance efforts.

How to apply
For immediate consideration, please submit your resume online at www.urscorp.com and refer to Requisition # URS65783.

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