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Senior Cultural Resources Specialist

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Posted: 10/08/2012

State of Wyoming
State Historic Preservation Office

The Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office documents, preserves and promotes Wyoming’s heritage with our preservation partners.

Senior Cultural Resources Specialist
Recruitment ID: CRCR09-20659
Professional Opportunity
Cheyenne, WY
$$4,187.00 - $4,925.00 per month

GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF WORK: Review and respond to complex technical reports, architectural plans, projects plans, and professional archaeological and historic reports. Develop strategies for the preservation and management of historic properties and agreements with government agencies on a variety of topics related to the preservation of archeological and historic resources.


  • Coordinate and work with the public, federal and state agencies, and tribal governments to monitor, replace, or create new interpretation for the States significant places, people, and events.
  • Review and comment on federal agencies documentation and eligibility determinations.
  • Represent the State of Wyoming in the negotiation and development of legally binding agreements to mitigate adverse effects to historic properties as required by the 36CFR800 regulations.
  • Discuss, consult and devise appropriate measures to mitigate effects to historic properties.
  • Coordinate, develop, prepare, review and collaborate among staff, colleagues, agencies, and contractors the development of state cultural resource standards.
  • Represent the State of Wyoming in on-site inspections of renovation and rehabilitation projects involving historic buildings, structures, and objects.
  • Review architectural plans and specific treatments of historic buildings and make recommendations based upon the Secretary of Interiors Standards for Rehabilitation and extensive knowledge of applicable restoration treatments.
  • Conduct primary research of historic buildings, sites, objects, landscapes and districts in order to prepare a formal nomination meeting NPS standards and requirements.
  • Research, develop, and write the historic context of the property; apply the standards for evaluation and review and discuss all aspects of integrity location, design, material, workmanship, setting, feeling and association.
  • Provide and prepare appropriate site maps, topographic maps, current and historic photographs, and a well researched bibliography for the property that is properly footnoted and formated then complete the nomination with regards to required time frames for review by the local historic preservation board and the state level National Register Review Board.
  • Develop and coordinate at least two public outreach and training exercises per year.
  • Review and coordinate the approval of text for all new signage, oversee text changes for existing signage, coordinate installation of new signage, inspect and repair monuments and markers, and maintain a database of existing signage.
  • Evaluate quality of archeological and historic properties documented by others to ensure they meet state required standards, and assist in the maintenance of cultural resources survey and inventory data.
  • Respond to technical comments and suggestions to clarify policy and standards as well as supervise, direct, educate and instruct consultants and agencies cultural resource professionals on requirements and standards.


  • Knowledge of state, regional and national policy issues and how these affect programs at the state and community levels.
  • Knowledge of research, evaluation and analysis of complex issues.
  • Knowledge of formulating policy and translating it into goals and objectives.
  • Skills in critical thinking, communication, negotiation and conflict resolution.
  • Ability to analyze and review complex documents with technical details.
  • Skill in the understanding of proper treatment of archaeological and historic sites and their placement in Wyoming prehistory and history.
  • Skills in the identification and evaluation of historic buildings, structures, objects, landscapes and districts.
  • Knowledge of and skill in the application of the Secretary of Interiors standards for rehabilitation, identification of historic fabric, character defining features, and historic integrity.
  • Skills in research, good organizational habits, time management.
  • Expert understanding and knowledge of the 36CFR800 and 36CFR60 regulations, National Register bulletins and guidelines, and Secretary of Interiors standards.
  • Knowledge and skill in the use of computerized analytical tools, including but not limited to GIS, relational databases, remote sensing, and LiDar.

Preference will be given to those with a Masters degree or experience in Anthropology (with an emphasis in Archaeology), History, Architecture or Historic Preservation.

*Please view the Class Specifications (Class Code CRCR09) and the State required Minimum Qualifications for this vacancy at: http://statejobs.state.wy.us/lookup.aspx

OPen until
Until Filled

How to apply
APPLICATIONS: For more information or to apply online go to http://statejobs.state.wy.us/JobSearchDetail.aspx?ID=20659 or submit a State of Wyoming Employment Application to the Human Resource Division, Emerson Building, 2001 Capitol Avenue, Cheyenne, WY 82002-0060, Phone: (307)777-7188, Fax: (307)777-6562, along with transcripts of any relevant course work. The State of Wyoming is an Equal Opportunity Employer and actively supports the ADA and reasonably accommodates qualified applicants with disabilities. No notice of eligibility will be sent to applicants who meet the minimum qualifications.
Mary Hopkins
Phone: 307-777-6311
2301 Central Ave.
Cheyenne, WY 82002

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