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Non-classified Coordinator of Historic Preservation Education Grants

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Posted: 10/23/2012

History Colorado
State Historical Fund

If you are considering a career opportunity with the goal of making a difference, consider joining History Colorado, the new name for the Colorado Historical Society. Our professionals aspire to engage people in our State’s heritage through collecting, preserving, and discovering the past in order to educate and provide perspectives for the future. The History Colorado Center has a convenient location to downtown shopping and restaurants plus cultural facilities in the Golden Triangle district.

Non-classified Coordinator of Historic Preservation Education Grants
Professional Opportunity
Denver, CO



This position exists to provide guidance and advice to State Historical Fund grant recipients and their contractors to assist in achieving successful survey, nomination, and education projects.  Projects may include historical and architectural surveys of urban and rural properties, nominations, educational programs focused on the use of survey results, and general educational projects related to historic sites, structures, and districts.  Position develops hands-on online learning training, and technical support for State Historical Fund and Office of Archaeology & Historic Preservation staff.  Serves as a historic preservation education liaison for the History Colorado staff.  Creates strong relationships with K-12 schools and institutions of higher learning and finds ways to include historic preservation in the curriculum and programming.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


Advice and Guidance:  This position provides advice and guidance to the general public and public organizations regarding:  1) programs, procedures, and historic preservation policies of the State Historical Fund (SHF) and History Colorado, 2) historic preservation policies, standards, and guidelines to assist in developing applications for funding, 3) draft applications for historical and architectural survey, nomination, and education projects.  This includes attending SHF grant workshops as a presenter or support to answer survey, nomination, and education-related questions, working with applicants prior to submittal of applications to help develop good project proposals, and reviewing and commenting on draft applications.


Reading/Scoring Grant Application:  Twice a year (or as needed) this position reviews, comments on, and scores grant applications according to the criteria provided and applicable policies and procedures.  This position attends and participates in all appropriate grant review meetings associated with the SHF and CLG award process and will meet all assigned deadlines for the review process.


Contract Development:  This position is assigned new grants from the appropriate categories after each grant round.  For each new assigned project, this position reads the grant application and upon receipt of appropriate items from the grant recipient contact prepares the scope of work, budget, and deliverables for the Contract Specialist to integrate into the project contract.  The position communicates with the grant recipient as necessary to accomplish these tasks.


Project Oversight:  This position provides advice and guidance to SHF grant recipients, their consultants, and contractors regarding the implementation and oversight of grant projects to assist in achieving successful results.  Communicates SHF policies and procedures to grant recipients through meetings, email, phone, and site visits.  Manages project progress through review of Scope of Work, project budgets, requests for payment, progress reports, and timely review of deliverables.


Public Education Project Coordination:  Position coordinates with staff at History Colorado regarding preservation and archaeology education-related projects.  Determines important issues to share with interested public and develops appropriate means of sharing that information.


Technical Media Assistance:  Develops media presentations, including online learning modules, in conjunction with SHF and OAHP staff.  Requires skills in Adobe platform including Adobe Connect and Presenter and a working knowledge of Final Cut Pro.


Professional Development:  Updates knowledge of historic preservation standards, historical and architectural survey techniques, nominations, and contractual processes as required.  reviews basic literature, periodicals, and journals and shares information with other staff and professional colleagues.


Education and Experience:


Bachelors Degree in history, archaeology, education, historic preservation, architectural history, or architecture


OPen until

How to apply
Interested applicants must complete a State of Colorado Application form online, to include a cover letter, resume, and references. Search for positon title: Non-classified Coordinator of Historic Preservation Education Grants

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