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Summer Sustainable Agriculture Internship Program

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Posted: 11/15/2012

Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS)

The Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS) CEFS is dedicated to sustainable agriculture research, extension and education. Our goals are to: * provide new economic opportunities in rural and urban communities, * develop technologies that promote a cleaner and healthier environment, * educate the next generation of farmers, consumers, and scientists, and * engage all citizens in the food system. Our mission is to develop and promote food and farming systems that - protect the environment, - strengthen local communities, and - provide economic opportunities in North Carolina and beyond.

Summer Sustainable Agriculture Internship Program
Internship Opportunity
Goldsboro, NC
Open Until


The Summer Internship Program will run from June 3 July 26, 2013 at the CEFS research farm in Goldsboro, N.C.. Interns are expected to be present and engaged in all internship activities five days a week (Monday through Friday, although there may be occasional weekend work) and there will be at least one mandatory weekend field trip.

Internship Structure

                Farm Work Experience
Several weekly opportunities will allow students time to work alongside CEFS staff and apprentices on a 30-acre organic research, educational and demonstration farm. This unique Small Farm Unit focuses on a systems appropriate for small, medium and even large farming operations by demonstrating a 6 year animal/pasture/fallow/ crop integrated rotation system.  Interns will assist with general farm duties including seeding, planting, harvesting vegetable and bramble crops as well as all associated activities involved in animal husbandry. Interns may also have the opportunity to work at other CEFS Research Units as weather and scheduling permits.

                Research Experience
Interns will work in groups with CEFS Research Faculty from either North Carolina State University (NCSU) or North Carolina Agriculture & Technical State University (NCA&T SU) to participate in a hands-on research experience. Specific research experiences will focus on various aspects of sustainable agriculture that span a range of disciplines including soil science, entomology, or animal science. Interns will work in small groups under a CEFS Research Facultys supervision in a hands-on experiential learning environment and structured research project whereby interns collect and analyze data. Upon completion of the internship, each group will present a paper and PowerPoint presentation on their research experience.

                Lectures and Discussions
Two days a week, leading faculty experts in sustainable agricultural research from NCSU and NCA&T SU will present a lecture and discussion on various sustainable agriculture topics. In some instances, following the lecture faculty will lead an afternoon laboratory, field activity or farm visit related to lecture topics.

                Community Engagement
The CEFS Summer Internship is unique in that it also addresses social aspects of sustainable agriculture. Interns will have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the history and context of agriculture in the south through engagement with the local community in Goldsboro, NC. The schedule includes weekly activities with gardeners, farmers, youth, civic organizations, and activists working to rebuild the local food system in Wayne County.

Cost of Internship
The cost for the 8-week Internship program is $600 total and includes housing, transportation to all internship activities and the 6 credit hours from North Carolina State University (CS 492).

How to apply
To apply for this internship, please download an application and return completed with a letter of reference. http://www.cefs.ncsu.edu/getinvolved/internships/internshipapp.html For more information, contact: Lisa Forehand, Internship Coordinator 919-513-0954 or lisa_forehand@ncsu.edu
Lisa Forehand
Phone: 919-513-0954
Fax: 919-515-2505
Box 76009-NCSU
Raleigh, NC 27695

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