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Posted: 01/28/2013

Preserve Minneapolis

Preserve Minneapolis is dedicated to improving the quality of life in Minneapolis by recognizing, preserving, and revitalizing the architectural and related cultural resources of the city of Minneapolis.

Internship Opportunity
Minneapolis, MN


Tours & Volunteers

1.     Develop the complete 2013 Summer Walking and Biking Tour schedule

2.     Recruit tour guides for multiple tours of varying types and geographic areas. Preserve Minneapolis Board shall set number of seasonal tours. The COORDINATOR will be provided with the list of previous tour guides, tours, and known contact information. Preserve Minneapolis Board of Directors will make final approval of all scheduled tours.

3.     Schedule the tours so they meet the needs of the tour guides and anticipated audiences, but also are spread out during the late spring to early fall months (approximately Memorial Day to Labor Day).

4.     Maintain monthly contact with the tour guides up to the time of their tours.

5.     Work with Preserve Minneapolis Board to develop and execute a Tour Guide Training session.

6.     Attend each tour, or recruit and coordinate others to attend each tour, and collect tour fees and signed liability waivers.

7.     Develop the tours background, database, and other information so that they can be ongoing programs administered by PRESERVE MINNEAPOLIS in future years, whether the COORDINATOR is engaged in the future or not.

8.     Act as a brand representative for PRESERVE MINNEAPOLIS at all contracted functions.


Marketing and Publicity

1.     Work with Preserve Minneapolis Board Members to prepare the seasonal brochures that summarize the tours. The COORDINATOR will be provided with the template used for previous years brochures. The artwork must be available by April 15th to allow time for printing.

2.     Coordinate with Preserve Minneapolis, local media, the City, and the greater preservation community to market the tour program.

3.     Write and send monthly press releases to media/contact lists.

4.     Edit all publication material (ex: tour descriptions) to read in a comprehensive, unified voice.

5.     All publicity shall include mention of PRESERVE MINNEAPOLIS and its partners, along with their logo designs.

6.     Seek new and innovative marketing methods to draw new customers.


Administrative Work

1.     Work with PRESERVE MINNEAPOLIS treasurer and Board to develop tour budget.

2.     Keep detailed records of each tour, including participants contact info, money collected, weather conditions, comments, etc.

3.     Email all paid participants, two days prior to tour, with directions, tour information, etc.

4.     Create and send out a tour survey to all participants after each tour (to be done within 24 hours of each tour).

5.     Create and/or edit tour brochures/handouts, using tour template (to be provided by Preserve Minneapolis) and tour information (to be provided by tour leader).

6.     Survey all tour guides at end of season; survey questions to be developed by Preserve Minneapolis Tour Committees

7.     At the end of the tour season, prepare a summary report outlining the tours that were provided, the number of participants, the fees generated and any lessons learned.  Provide any additional information that is needed for Preserve Minneapolis to complete any reports required for any grant funds used for the PROJECTS.

8.     Handle tour inquiries, including fielding general information phone calls and emails about PROJECT.

9.     Provide administrative duties to achieve the completion and success of PROJECT.

10.   Meet with partners who are interested in participating in PROJECT and work with them throughout the planning of event.

OPen until

How to apply
Please send resume, letter of interest (maximum 400 words), and list three references to the email address listed below. Include one brief article (maximum 400 words) that you have written; this article shall best represent your written communication skills. Please list past projects that you have executed or supervised, and describe the scope of work and skill needed for these projects. Elizabeth Gales, Preserve Minneapolis President: egales@preserveminneapolis.org Open until February 8th, 2013.
Elizabeth Gales

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