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Office Administrator

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Posted: 03/29/2013

San Antonio Conservation Society

Founded in 1924, the San Antonio Conservation Society is one of the oldest and most active community preservation groups in the United States. Beginning with efforts to prevent historic structures from being razed and to preserve such unique features as the San Antonio River's natural beauty and the city's Spanish Colonial missions, the society has been responsible for saving most of the historic attractions which now make San Antonio one of the top tourist destinations in Texas.

Office Administrator
Professional Opportunity
San Antonio, TX


Job Summary


Supervises and directs the Societys office personnel.  Provides administrative support for the President in order to increase the time the President has available for executive level responsibilities.   Manages processes related to Executive Committee, Board of Directors and General Membership functions.



Requisite Skills/EDUCATION


  1. Requires a minimum of a Bachelors Degree with at least 3 years of experience in the field of office administration;or, an Associates Degree with at least 5 years experience in office administration.
  2. Experienced with a variety of the administrative concepts, practices, and procedures for non-profit organizations, including Human Resources. 
  3. Must have required computer skills with knowledge of current business oriented software. 
  4. Relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. 
  5. Self-starter exhibiting a wide degree of creativity and latitude.
  6. Has a working knowledge of the Society and is informed about the general history of San Antonio. 
  7. Must be able to work with volunteers and maintain a pleasant demeanor while performing in a highly active and at times stressful environment.


 Job Duties


  1. Supervises and evaluates the Societys office staff with adherence to policies and positions to ensure an efficient and timely flow of work assignments.
  2. Administrative Assistant to the President; supervised by the Executive Director
  3.  Works closely with the Executive Director to provide follow-up on goals, set priorities for that quarter and resolve problems that may have occurred.
  4. Provides support for Board meetings, Membership meetings, and elections of officers and directors.
  5. Required to manage a wide variety of situations involving the administrative function of the office. 
  6. Self-motivated with the requirement to set goals and timelines in conjunction with the Executive Director and staff.
  1. Coordinates staff support for committee assignments with the Executive Director, assuring that committees are assigned to staff on a permanent basis with long-term continuity of support to the volunteer chairmen in mind.  A back-up staff member will be assigned to each committee to ensure this continuity.    
  2. Develops and maintains a notebook with standard operating procedures for the Office Administrator position with a copy for the President.
  3. Develops and maintains notebooks for committees to which assignedwith copies for the President, chairman and staffwith written standard operating procedures for the individual positions.
  4. With the Secretary and Receptionist-Secretary, oversees the process of recording all incoming cash, checks and credit card charges for the Society and Foundation in the Cash Receipt Log, preparation of cash deposit slips and bank deposits.
  5. Prepares routine and advanced correspondence including letters, memoranda, and reports.    
  6. Responsible for confidential and time sensitive material. 
  7. Must be flexible and perform other duties as required.



OPen until

How to apply
Download and submit a completed application form from the Society's website, together with a resumé. E-mail documents to conserve@saconservation.org (preferred) or FAX to 210-224-6168. Mail is also accepted and should be addressed to San Antonio Conservation Society, 107 King William, San Antonio, TX 78204-1399.
Bruce MacDougal
Phone: 210-224-6163
Fax: 210-224-6168
107 King William Street
San Antonio, TX 78204

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