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Preservation Specialist

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Posted: 04/10/2013

City of Kingston, NY
Planning; Economic Development & Strategic Partnerships

Kingston, N.Y. is a vibrant city that dates back to the arrival of the Dutch in 1652. Rich history, outstanding architecture, a thriving arts community and spectacular natural environment make Kingston a rewarding place to visit and to live. Today, a number of museums and citizens' groups are working to tell the intertwined stories of America's art, architecture, river history, gilded age magnates and laboring class through the outstanding buildings, streetscapes and neighborhoods that remain to make Kingston a table-top museum of America's past.

Preservation Specialist
Professional Opportunity
Kingston, NY
$10,000 for 500 hours

The position is funded by a Certified Local Government (CLG)  grant to support the Kingston Historic Bluestone Project from May 1, 2013 to September 30, 2013. The project will establish the condition of bluestone sidewalks in the City of Kingston; take critical steps toward preserving historic infrastructure; build capacity for a safe, walkable, livable and attractive city that highlights Kingston's historic assets and bluestone industry.

 Position will provide survey training for participants; oversee a geocoded survey of sidewalks in designated Historic Districts and Heritage Area corridors; inventory city-owned bluestone currently held in a secure storage lot; and identify priority projects for bluestone planning, care, and restoration.



1)Provide contracted services to work with the City of Kingston Planning Department and Office of Economic Development & Strategic Partnerships Directors, HLPC members and other project volunteers to:

2)Design, coordinate, implement and administrate a geocoded survey of sidewalks in the selected areas, and methodology to inventory bluestone materials currently held for municipal use. 

3)Develop survey methodology and training protocols.

4) Recruit and train project volunteers.

5)Cultivate media, outreach, partner organizations and other like-minded citizen groups to recruit participants, conduct he survey, and build understanding about the economic value of the City's heritage resources.

6)Outline a comprehensive, long-range approach to updating existing historic surveys and developing new reconnaissance-level surveys to round out and fill in gaps in existing inventories.

7) Prepare reports on project progress as assigned.


Duties include:

1) Develop and deliver a sidewalk survey training as well as a model training format and a list of recommended additional preservation trainings;

2) Develop an inventory of existing bluestone in Historic Districts and Heritage Areas, including assessment of existing conditions and care of Kingstons bluestone resources;

3) Develop an inventory of banked bluestone, consolidation of stockpiled assets, and the identification of suitable bluestone sources to replace missing material;

4) Develop a sidewalk improvement plan to assist the City with prioritizing bluestone restoration within future sidewalk infrastructure investments;

5) Identify specific restoration projects with preliminary cost estimates; and

6) Support a program of public education to improve stewardship of and advocacy for Kingstons bluestone and other heritage resources.



1) Masters degree in historic preservation, architecture, engineering, conservation or a related field and at least one year of experience; Bachelors degree and a minimum of 4 years of job-related experience; or 6 years of job-related experience under the supervision of a preservation professional.

2) Knowledge of historic resource survey techniques and research methods; Familiarity with historic preservation regulations, processes, and procedures; Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

3) Other qualifications: Computer skills including proficiency with relevant software programs such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop; Training or certifications in green architectural practices as well as Geographic Information System (GIS) preferred; Experience with architectural photography in digital format; Ability to establish and maintain positive working relationships with Boards, the business community, consultants, developers, governmental agencies, and the general public; Ability to work independently and complete projects.

4) Experience in rehabilitation of historic buildings, in community development, urban planning, or historic preservation field. 

For more detailed information please visit:


OPen until

How to apply
Please submit a cover letter, resume or CV, and three references. The cover letter should summarize qualifications and experience, highlight relevant skills, and confirm availability for the project during the specified time frame. Response Due Date: All responses must be delivered to the City of Kingston, by email, by hand delivery, or by postal service, by Friday April 27, 2013 at 5:00 pm after which they will be reviewed by a selection committee. No proposals shall be accepted or considered after that time. It is the responsibility of each respondent to ensure that their response arrives on time. Matters relating to qualification to meet the City's needs shall receive the highest priority in evaluation. The City will not consider any response that does not comply with the “How to Apply” section of this Request for Responses. Responses that do not meet these requirements will be deemed as non-responsive and will not be evaluated. Other General Requirements and Conditions: The City of Kingston reserves the right to postpone or cancel this Request for Responses, or reject all responses, if in its judgment it deems it to be in the best interest of the City to do so. All submission materials become the property of the City of Kingston. The City of Kingston shall not be liable for any costs incurred by respondents in the preparation of responses or for any work performed in connection therein.
Gregg Swanzey
Phone: 845-334-3962
City of Kingston Office of Economic Development
City Hall, 420 Broadway
Kingston, NY 12401

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