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Director of Advocacy

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Posted: 05/24/2013

Preservation Chicago

Preservation Chicago is an activist organization that advocates for the preservation of historic architecture, neighborhoods and urban spaces throughout the city of Chicago. Preservation Chicago achieves its mission by: Partnering with communities, providing advice and assistance for their advocacy efforts; Advocating for responsible public policy; and Educating citizens about at-risk historically significant buildings and urban spaces.

Director of Advocacy
Professional Opportunity
Chicago, IL


Preservation Chicago Seeks Director of Advocacy


Job Description: Director of Advocacy/Chief Preservation Officer

1. Preservation Advocacy - To promote the preservation of historic structures in Chicago through direct intervention, including neighborhood and aldermanic meetings and others that would further the mission.


2. Programing To create innovative programs that help the preservation of historic structures including training for neighborhood advocacy groups, lecture series, techniques for creating Historic landmark districts, historic architectural inventory and others that would further the mission.


3. Fundraising To identify possible grants for programming work and write grants to attempt to secure additional funding (responsibility shared with ED).


4. Advisory Board To create an advisory board of former board members and other who could meet on a quarterly basis to further the mission.


5. Facilitate Publication of Newsletter in conjunction with interns

- Coordinate submission of articles, photos, and other information with guidance of ED

- Manage target submission deadlines

- Make sure printing and mailing happen on time



6. Monitor the Citys Demo Delay Web Site

- Work with ED on regarding new threatened properties  posted to site

- Facilitate the photography of all properties posted to the site

- Evaluate Demo Delay web site activity for posting to PC web site/publication in Voice



7. Act as Chicago 7  Project Manager

- Facilitate preparation of research necessary for board vote

- Coordinate preparation for news event(s) including all media materials and press kits

- Act as media outreach coordinator

- Manage media on day of news conference and thereafter



8. Attend CCL Commission, City Council Committee, and special and/or subcommittee meetings when necessary

- Gather information about commission actions including designation reports, etc.



9.Other Duties and Responsibilities

- Act as spokesperson for organization when ED or President is unavailable

- Manage day to day media relations in consultation with ED

- Schedule meetings with city officials, et al in consultation with ED

- Recommend publications, seminars, or other activities that would enhance mission of PC

- Attend Executive Committee and Board meetings

- Act as secretary when secretary is not present

- Ensure that PC office runs smoothly and is maintained in a tidy, clean, and presentable manner



10. Scheduling Director of Advocacy will be required to work at least 30 hours/week. Work in conjunction with ED to schedule office time.  This time will be used to monitor and supervise all office personnel and operations and to ensure there is at least one supervisor figure in the office when necessary the rest of the time will be spent at meetings and advocacy-related activities.  Detailed time sheets of weekly activities must be kept and will be reviewed by the board at each monthly board meeting in order to help board members facilitate operational and strategic decisions.


Experience Required: Applicants must have relevant experience in grant writing, fundraising and preservation advocacy to be considered.


Term: 6 month period, running from mid-June 2013 to mid-January 2014. 


Compensation: Approximately $18k for initial 6 month term.  Health insurance is included.  Strong expectation that employee will actively pursue and raise grants to support salary for the following year.  Performance will be reviewed at the end of 2013 to determine if enough funds have been raised by Director of Advocacy to continue in the position as a permanent employee of Preservation Chicago. If sufficient funds have not been raised, the term of employment will end in mid-January 2014.




OPen until
Until Filled

How to apply
Submit your resume and cover letter to the email address below.
Nick Bianchi

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