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Conservator/Historic Paint Research Specialist

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Posted: 06/20/2013

Architect of the Capitol (AOC)

The Architect of the Capitol traces its roots back to the laying of the Capitol cornerstone in 1793. Today, the Architect of the Capitol serves as builder and steward of many of the nation's most iconic landmarks.

Conservator/Historic Paint Research Specialist
Professional Opportunity
Washington, DC

The Architect of the Capitol (AOC) is posting this announcement for planning purposes and no formal solicitation exists at this time. All qualified concerns may submit capability statements for consideration. Capability statements received will be reviewed to determine the technical, experience, administrative, management, and financial capability of such offerors to perform this type of work.

The potential project work involves the examination, analysis, and documentation of paint colors and finishes in selected areas of the heritage asset buildings under the care of the Architect of the Capitol. Spaces that will be investigated in this contract will include public and private interior spaces.

The Conservator/Historic Paint Research Specialist awarded this contract will perform paint analysis on historically significant architectural features including but not limited to: doors; windows; door and window frames; walls; baseboards; ceilings; decorative plaster; wood moldings, etc.

The goal of this project is to understand and document early decorative schemes and to preserve information before repainting or for future restoration.

Access to perform on site work such as sampling and exposure windows will be dependent on the schedule of the United States Congress. Flexibility is required and work hours will be limited to non-business night/early morning on weekdays, weekends, holidays and congressional recesses.

The work is to be performed by a Key Person/Project director who is Conservator/Historic Paint Research Specialist; a professional whose primary occupation is the practice of paint analysis and conservation science and who, through specialized education, knowledge, training, and experience, works in accordance with the American Institute for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice.

The Key Person/Project Director will conduct and direct the work and is required to be on site the majority of the time that work is under way. All members of the team working on site will be required to submit to a security check and to wear identification badges at all times.

Key Person/Project Director who is a Conservator/Historic Paint Research Specialist and their personnel must have experience in the following:

a. Knowledge of historic priming and paint materials and characteristics, historic paint application techniques, period decoration and decorative painting techniques, and stylistic features of historic decorative painting.

b. Knowledge of paint sampling techniques and the ability to identify locations where complete stratigraphies are likely to exist, and where original paint colors are least likely to have degraded.

c. Laboratory analysis/interpretation of samples of architectural paints from buildings of similar complexity and age as those in the Architect of the Capitol's inventory of buildings.

d. Ability to provide extended materials analysis such as FTIR. FTIR must be done be a qualified laboratory.

e. Ability to prepare small (2"x2") and large (10"x10") exposures to reveal decorative painting.

f. Documentation of stratigraphy and color for all architectural surfaces in a space and preparation of clear specifications that provide all information, including dimensions and sketches, necessary to conserve, restore or replicate the recommended decorative scheme.

OPen until

How to apply
The following must be submitted in the Capability Package: 1. Resumes showing relevant experience of Key Person(s)/Project Director(s). 2. Resumes showing relevant experience for all proposed personnel. 3. A sample of a paint analysis report. 4. Demonstration of the company's past experience in performing paint analysis for projects involving full room(s) stratigraphy and color documentation of 20 or more layers of paint on numerous architectural elements, documentation of multiple layers of historic decorative painting schemes, and documentation and specification to a level sufficient to conserve or restore, or replicate period colors schemes and decorative work. 5. All responses shall include the following information: (1) company name and address; (2) point of contact to include e-mail address and telephone number; and (3) business size and type (8(a), HubZone, Small Business, etc). Capability statements are to be submitted no later than June 30, 2013. Should you be interested in this effort, please submit a capability package in PDF format to Martin Shore by e-mail at mshore@aoc.gov

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