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Posted: 07/19/2013

Ohio Historical Society

Mission The Ohio Historical Society's mission is to spark discovery of Ohio history! We help people connect with Ohio’s past to understand the present and create a better future. Our Core Values Are: · Authenticity – Valuing “real stuff” and true stories of history · Collaboration – Pursuing teamwork and sharing authority and responsibility · Relevance ­­­– Addressing the “so what?” of history for the diverse people of Ohio · Stewardship – Protecting the evidence of Ohio history What does the Ohio Historical Society do? With over 100 staff members, hundreds of volunteers and thousands of partners in historical societies, local history groups and local and state government, the Ohio Historical Society champions all Ohio history, including the 50+ historic sites in the Society's network throughout Ohio. The Ohio Historical Society’s network of historical sites includes homes and memorials associated with US presidents such as Ulysses S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, or Warren G. Harding. It includes early cultures and mound building sites such as Serpent Mound, Ft. Ancient, or Newark Earthworks. Some historic sites help visitors learn about the entrepreneurial and literary genius and diversity of Ohioans. Other historic sites in the network are nature preserves and are great places to hike and take photos such as Cedar Bog or Wahkeena. From automobiles to wedding gowns, the Ohio Historical Society’s history collections document both the ordinary and extraordinary stories of Ohioans. The Society collects, preserves, catalogs, manages and makes available to the public a vast collection of about 1.6 million objects in its museums across Ohio, and in its flagship museum in the Ohio History Center. Additionally, serving as the State Archives, allows people to discover the stories of the Ohioans who built our state’s farms, industries, businesses, schools, churches, social organizations, governments, and communities. Connecting people to the stories of Ohio is part of the daily work of the Society and is accomplished in part through educational efforts such as sponsoring National History Day in Ohio, and Ohio As America, an online textbook and curriculum for teaching the history of Ohio. Overseeing the Historical Markers program and the Local History Office are additional ways of connecting people to Ohio history. The Ohio Historic Preservation Office is a division within the Society. Among other assignments, OHPO serves the public in a consulting capacity regarding historic properties, places, and spaces.

Ohio History Service Corps – AmeriCorps Program Preservation Corps Tea
Internship Opportunity
various, OH
Open Until

The Ohio Historical Society has created the Ohio History Service Corps, a program that will engage AmeriCorps volunteers to educate Ohioans on why history is relevant and how it can be used as an effective economic development tool. Partnering with local history organizations, the Ohio Historical Society will be placing 20 AmeriCorps service members in communities across the state from September 2013-August 2014.

The AmeriCorps volunteers will focus on the continued preservation and promotion of the states historic resources to stimulate tourism and economic growth. AmeriCorps members will serve on one of two teams - the Local History Corps or the Historic Preservation Corps - to promote, raise awareness and preserve Ohios strong history through educational experiences for community members.

 Four AmeriCorps members will survey historic properties to identify and record historic themes and buildings, focusing on the mid-20th century, from 1940-1970, historic properties associated with African-American history, womens history and other under-represented groups, and additional local survey priorities as appropriate in three Ohio communities: Cleveland, Columbus, and Piqua, Ohio.

 These surveys will provide new information about housing, subdivisions, public and commercial buildings and the work of area builders, developers and architects from the recent past.  The survey work associated with under-represented groups will provide new information about historic properties associated with important individuals, groups, neighborhoods, and historic themes. The historic resource surveys, survey reports, and the resulting documentation, help preserve our heritage to stabilize neighborhoods, provide affordable housing, stimulate private investments, attract tourists and strengthen community pride.

 Members will cultivate their understanding of historic themes and events associated with local history and development; learn about architectural style and design history; and the impact of historic preservation on local economic and community development.  This is a full-time position from September 9, 2013 to August 31, 2014.  Members must compete 1700 hours.

 Program Specific Responsibilities-Community Surveyor

·        Serve as a partner liaison with the Ohio Historical Society, local government officials/organizations and local historic preservation organizations, academic professionals and community volunteers to complete the survey project.

·        Enter survey information into the Ohio Historic Inventory web-based I-Form application with the expectation of 150 completed forms.

·        Perform online and document research using both primary and secondary sources

·        Photograph properties and locations.

·        Complete survey report meeting Secretary of the Interiors Standards for Identification and following survey report requirements of the Ohio Historic Preservation Office.

·        Conduct education and outreach services regarding local preservation efforts.

·        Recruit and engage volunteers in preservation efforts and opportunities.

·        Provide assistance as needed for the preparation of any National Register nomination planned by the host site and coordinated through the Ohio Historic Preservation Office.

All Ohio History Service Corps members have the following General Responsibilities:

·        Support program staff, your supervisor, and host site staff in duties as appropriate and necessary for your specific initiatives.

·        Consult with your supervisor and/or the program director if you have any ideas, issues, or concerns, offering analysis and solutions whenever possible.

·        Practice sound health habits, including getting sufficient rest and breaks, to effectively perform the position requirements.

How to apply
Apply online at: https://my.americorps.gov/mp/listing/viewListing.do?id=42018&fromSearch=true
Jerolyn Barbee
Phone: 614-297-2326
800 E. 17th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43211

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