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Battlefield Preservation Workshop Facilitator

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Posted: 01/29/2014

Virginia Department of Historic Resources

The Virginia Department of Historic Resources is the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO)

Battlefield Preservation Workshop Facilitator
Professional Opportunity
Richmond, VA



Virginia represents a model for successful cooperative Civil War battlefield preservation and stewardship.  Key to the continued success of these preservation partnerships is greater public understanding of the important role played by not-for-profit organizations in protecting Civil War battlefields.    

In an effort to highlight important opportunities for local preservation activism at Civil War battlefields that have yet to be claimed by local or regional preservation advocates in Virginia, DHR will organize and present five regional friends raising workshops in 2014 with the objective of providing training, information and guidance to a minimum of 125 people on how and why to organize a regional or local battlefield friends group, land trust or heritage area; what are best practices for such organizations; and how public and private funding and resources can be leveraged to save battlefield land.  Each workshop will be designed to inspire action through presentations by credible advocates and experts stressing the imperative for citizens to take meaningful regional and local action to preserve battlefields in their communities.  The design and the selection of the venues and speakers for the five workshops will be made in consultation with members of an advisory group of experts from battlefield preservation organizations.     The workshops will engage each audience in actively developing possible strategies and specific action steps that could lead to longer-range preservation objectives in their communities.  This project is funded through a generous grant to the Department of Historic Resources from the National Park Services American Battlefield Protection Program (ABPP).  (GA-2287-13-024).  All materials produced under this grant will become the property of DHR and the NPS ABPP.  

Duties and Responsibilities

The project consultant will design, develop training materials for, promote, and facilitate five regional Civil War battlefield friends raising workshops in collaboration with DHR staff and a working group of expert advisors. The five workshops will be held by November 15, 2014.  The project consultant will be responsible for the duties outlined below as well as for other duties as may be required in the course of the project:

1.       Workshop Design and Agenda: develop and finalize the agendas, including selection of venues,  session topics, speakers, presentations, and field tours with DHR and NPS staff;

2.       Speaker & Presenter Selection: identify and invite subject matter experts to participate as speakers/presenters at the workshops in collaboration with DHR staff and working group of advisors;

3.       Target Audiences: develop and finalize venues and a list of target attendees and organizations for each regional workshop and coordinate invitations with DHR staff;

4.       Training Manuals: conduct a survey of existing battlefield friends groups, trusts and heritage areas in Virginia to seek their input; research, develop and produce a training manual, power point presentations and other training materials for workshop attendees;

5.       Workshop Promotion\Registration:  design, produce and distribute a promotional brochure; develop  and manage a process for on line registrations and for collection of registration fees;

6.       Presentations: coordinate submission of presentations and materials by speakers and presenters.

7.       Progress Reports: submit written quarterly progress reports to DHR staff regarding project deliverables.

8.       Events: facilitate and participate in each of the five regional workshops.

9.       Post-Event Reports: produce and dist

OPen until
Until Filled

How to apply
Please submit a resume and cover letter electronically to: Robert A. Carter Department of Historic Resources 2801 Kensington Avenue Richmond, Virginia 23221 robert.carter@dhr.virginia.gov 804-687-6940
Robert Carter
Phone: (804) 687-6940
Fax: (804) 367-2391
Department of Historic Resources
2801 Kensington Avenue
Richmond, VA 23221

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