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Posted: 01/31/2014

Maine Preservation

Maine Preservation, the statewide nonprofit historic preservation organization, is offering four Summer Fellowship positions for historic preservation students in conjunction with the preservation trades and professions. Fellowships span approximately nine weeks in the summer, split between hands-on site work with a trades or professional firm and organizational work at Maine Preservation’s statewide headquarters at the historic Captain Reuben Merrill House (1858). Five weeks of trades work will be compensated full-time at $10 per hour. Four weeks of service at Maine Preservation’s headquarters is unpaid. (Maine Preservation can apply for funding to help defray the costs of travel to Maine, but that funding is not guaranteed). Summer Fellows will be placed with the companies Preservation Timber Framing, Consigli Construction or Bagala Window Works. (Other trades firms have expressed interest, and their involvement will be determined later this spring.) Preservation Timber Framing is headed by Arron Sturgis, a past president of Maine Preservation’s Board of Trustees, whose firm generally repairs and restores 18th and 19th century barns, steeples, museums and homes. Former Maine Preservation Trustee Matt Tonello, an engineer, is the Project Executive at Consigli Construction for the state of Maine, which rehabilitates large-scale historic commercial buildings like mills, hospitals, churches and courthouses in New England. Bagala Window Works has been restoring historic windows and doors from houses, churches, commercial blocks — and any place that has antique windows — since 1988. Bagala designed and manufactures their own large-scale steam stripping machine. Duties at the trade/professional sites will be according to the Summer Fellow’s skill set and the projects available at the time.

Summer Fellowship
Internship Opportunity
Yarmouth, ME
$10/hr for 5 wks
Open Until

Responsibilities at Maine Preservations headquarters will include assistance with research and professional writing (press releases, etc.), event and advocacy orchestration, and general assistance in the office. Benefits of a Summer Fellowship include introduction to the preservation field, both of the tangible applications of construction and repair, and of the program, policy and advocacy side of preservation, including the financial models available for developers and the latest best practices on green rehab.  Fellows will be introduced to the preservation professionals community, policy makers, preservation consultants, supporters and donors, and allied organizations in the field. Fellows will gain important practical knowledge of how preservation businesses run and how preservation nonprofits function.

An academic or professional background in preservation is encouraged and some experience related to the professional or trades placement is advantageous. Several Maine Preservation Fellows have gained post-grad employment through Maine Preservation contacts, although, Maine Preservation does not have paid positions available following the Summer Fellowship at this time. Housing and transportation will be the responsibility of the Summer Fellow, but Maine Preservation has secured limited local housing options
 for Fellows without a Maine connection. Maine Preservation is located at 233 West Main Street above the Yarmouth village, 10 miles northeast of Portland on the highway. Transportation will also be required to get to the trades site each day, which can be up to an hour away from Portland (carpooling is common, but not guaranteed).

How to apply
To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume to Robert O’Brien at Robert@MainePreservation.org by Sunday, March 2, 2014. Please include in the cover letter (1) a brief introduction of your background, (2) a description of your relevant experience and skill set (expand on your resume), (3) whether you have access to transportation and a Maine connection for the possibility of housing, (4) optimal time frame between May and September when you are available, and (5) your level of commitment (whether you have competing options this summer). A succinct response to each question is sufficient in the letter. Ideally, a cover letter will span a page to a page and a half. After the application deadline has closed, Maine Preservation will review the applications with our partner trades organizations, and selected candidates will be interviewed by phone. The coordination takes time among busy people, so please be patient while we conduct the selection process. Maine Preservation plans to announce Fellowships by the end of March.
Robert O'Brien
Phone: 207-847-3577
Fax: by request only
233 West Maine Street
Yarmouth, ME 04102

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