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Cultural Resource Site Monitor - Columbus, GA/AL

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Posted: 06/09/2014

TerraXplorations, Inc.

Cultural Resource Site Monitor - Columbus, GA/AL
Professional Opportunity
Columbus, GA

TerraXplorations Inc. is seeking an archaeologist or highly qualified field technician to serve as a full time cultural resource site monitor for their contract with Fort Benning, GA.  This is not a construction monitoring job, but a full time resource management position.  Primary duties of this position include working with a partner to conduct field visits to sites in order to monitor the effects of military training and other land use on resources, and installing protective signage around protected archeological sites.  Secondary duties in this position will include maintaining a MS Access database of materials stored in the installations curation facility, and assisting with Tribal consultation and public outreach efforts.  The hired candidate will report directly to the current Site Monitor and others in the Fort Benning Cultural Resource Management Program (CRMP) for guidance in completing the work required.  This is full time position that will require relocation to Columbus, GA area for the duration of the contract which is currently funded until 9 July 2015.  These positions have renewed at a yearly interval since 2008, so there is a possibility for even longer term work.

-Visiting archaeology sites across the installation on a rotating basis.  Recording site conditions photographically and on standardized forms.  Site visits may require extensive hiking.
-Installing signage around protected sites, consisting of 9 foot long metal posts, signs, and reflectors.  To be assembled and installed in the field using basic hand tools.
-Coordinating with Range Operations Personnel in meetings and over radio transmissions to safely access areas of the installation.
-Completing training in Unexploded Ordinance Awareness, Range Safety Officer training, and other safety and security training as required by the installation.
-Carrying approximately 70 pounds of signage materials plus personal gear for moderate distances (250 meters), repeatedly and over rough terrain in a hot and humid environment. 

-Maintaining and adding to a MS Access database for the installation curation facility containing artifact and project information.
-Maintaining a database of site visit forms, photo logs, and digital images.
-Compiling periodic reports for Fort Benning CRM and TerraXplorations.
-Communicating effectively with the Fort Benning staff, TerraXplorations management, and related offices within Fort Benning.
-Completing required information security training required for Fort Benning network access.

-Assisting in semiannual consultations with Federally Recognized Tribes.
-Giving presentations at installation meetings and consultations, for both military and civilian audiences.
-Assisting with the maintenance of a current Indian culture exhibit.
-Coordinating with other involved agencies on outreach efforts, such as local museums and universities.

-Completion of a bachelors degree in archaeology or anthropology.
-Completion of an archaeological field school.
-Experience working with MS Access databases.
-Two years of experience on archaeological fieldwork projects.
-Ability to pass background checks required to access sensitive information and the installation computer network.
-Ability to pass a driving record check required for company auto insurance.
-Physical strength, agility, and dexterity required to carry out field work component.
-Excellent skills with MS Windows and MS Office software.
-Excellent communication skills both written and public speaking.
-Professional appearance.
-Must be comfortable working with Federal Agencies and Military Units.

-Masters Degree in archaeology or anthropology.
-Experience working on archaeology projects at the crew chief level.
-Experience in working on DOD installations.
-Experience working with ESRI ArcMap.
-Experience driving a 4 wheel drive vehicle in off road conditions.
-Familiarity with FileMaker Pro database software.
-Experience in museum display creation.
-Knowledge of NPS curation guidelines.

-Experience with DSLR photography.
-Experience with archaeology laboratory methods.

The salary for this position will be determined based on experience and education.
Housing and per diem allowances are not included with this position.
The new hire will be expected to be moved to the Columbus area and available for training in mid-July.

The Site Monitor position at Fort Benning is both demanding and rewarding.  Fieldwork can be physically demanding due to the summer weather in Columbus GA, and the office work can be mentally demanding due to the many functions involved in the job.  The same multiple functions of the job will provide extensive experience in areas of the CRM profession beyond typical fieldwork and technical writing.  This position also affords some measure of stability beyond typical fieldwork.  However, it also requires a level of commitment, self discipline, and professionalism beyond typical shovelbum work.

OPen until
Until Filled

How to apply
If interested, submit a cover letter summarizing qualifications for the position, salary range requirements, and an attached resume/CV (doc or pdf format) to mecks@terraxplorations.com.

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