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Historical Architect Technician

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Posted: 08/07/2014

Vista Technical Services

Historical Architect Technician
Professional Opportunity
Ft. Bliss, TX

The Contractor will provide Historical Architect/Compliance Monitoring Activities. The Contractor will provide services to monitor approximately 1250 work orders and 41,000 service orders per year that include observation and monitoring construction activities that have the potential to affect Fort Bliss historic properties.

Tasks include reporting problematic historical preservation compliance violations to the Fort Bliss Historical Architect, providing architectural compliance solutions that may include preparation of architectural drawings (40 drawings per year at approximately five hours per drawing), using computer based drafting programs, perform project reviews that may include landscape issues, and assist with other Historical Resources Team projects/assignment such as letter and report writing that is estimated at 214 one page memos/reports per year (assume 30 minutes per page). It is estimated that 13 work order and service orders compliance reviews can be completed per hour on average. The number of items is an estimate and may vary throughout the life of the TO.

Staff level Historical Architects performing Compliance Monitoring Activities will have an undergraduate or graduate degree in history (with a concentration in military history), architectural history, or a degree in a related field appropriate for the tasks assigned under this TO.

Experience may be substituted in part for education; specifically six years of field experience under the supervision of a professional who meets the requirements for PI-AH or Principal Investigator-Historical Architect (PI-HA) may be substituted for a bachelors degree. In addition, not less than two years experience in historic properties field work is required. The Contractors proposal shall specifically cite the proposed candidates experience in the field specified.

NACI Required

OPen until
Until Filled

How to apply
Please apply directly at www.vistatech-llc.com/careers
Joy Sanchez

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