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State Program Admin Principal

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Posted: 09/05/2014

MN Department of Transportation
Office of Environmental Stewardship

State Program Admin Principal
Professional Opportunity
St. Paul, MN

Job Description:

The purpose of this position is to maintain and oversee development of MnDOTs Cultural Resources Unit (CRU)s streamlining products and project, specifically the Cultural Resources Information System (CRIS) and associated portals to the State Archaeologist and State Historic Preservation Office, and MnModel (in coordination with the MnModel Project Manager). This position involves communication with federal agencies, MnDOT offices and districts, MN.IT (State of Minnesota Information Technology), local agencies, the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), Tribal Historic Preservation Offices (THPO), OSA, consultants, and members of the public.

Additional projects will be assigned as time allows. The priority for this position will be on completing the CRIS program, development and implementation of the portals, and oversight and maintenance for MnModel (in conjunction with current MnModel Coordinator); however, based on workload, the position may review FHWA-funded projects and/or MnDOT state funded projects, and ensure compliance with historic preservation laws, rules, procedures, and policies that must be satisfied in order for projects to be constructed.

Minimum Qualifications:

This position must meet at a minimum the federal requirements for an archaeologist as outlined in 36 CFR 61: the Secretary of the Interiors Professional Qualification Standards (http://www.nps.gov/history/local-law/arch_stnds_9.htm).

A graduate degree in archeology, anthropology, or closely related field plus:

At least one year of full-time professional experience or equivalent specialized training in archeological research, administration or management;

At least four months of supervised field and analytic experience in general North American archeology, and

Demonstrated ability to carry research to completion.

Knowledge of and experience working within federal historical procedures and guidelines related to cultural resources reviews, especially Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as amended; the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969; and Section 4(f) of the Department of Transportation Act of 1966.

Knowledge of Minnesota legislation, including the Field Archaeology Act, the Historic Sites Act, and the Private Cemeteries Act.

Project management skills and abilities and excellent communication skills in order to develop and maintain streamlining programs (CRIS, portals, and MnModel), and to keep project schedules and deliverables on time and to stay within budgets.

Understanding of coordinate systems, projections, data conversion, data extraction, buffering, overlay analysis, queries, data creation and editing.

Preferred Qualifications:

ArcGIS programming with ModelBuilder and Python, plus experience with raster data (GRIDs, not images), including raster analysis, map calculations, and modeling

OPen until

How to apply
Interested applicants may apply online at the Minnesota State Careers website at http://mn.gov/mmb/careers/ to job posting 14DOT000384.

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