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Posted: 09/08/2014

Northern Bedrock Historic Preservation Corps

Northern Bedrock Historic Preservation Corps (Northern Bedrock) was created to service two converging trends in Minnesota: the growing need for job training for young adults and the aging stock of historic resources. Northern Bedrock’s mission is to develop lifelong workforce skills by connecting young people to the earth, cultures, and traditions through historic preservation work and outdoor service. Northern Bedrock is part of a network of conservation corps organizations working to share best practices in the delivery of programs. Unlike most other corps organizations and unique in Minnesota, Northern Bedrock is focused specifically on the skill development opportunities particular to historic preservation. Northern Bedrock was established in 2011 to integrate historic preservation services into the proven conservation corps service model. Opportunities for young people to experience work in the trades, explore Minnesota, and work with a crew.

Crew Member
Internship Opportunity
Duluth, MN

Crewsof 1 leader and 4 Corpsmembers willparticipate in on-the-job trainingto learnhistoric preservationtrade skills andputthoseskillsintopracticeworkingonavarietyofprojectsthroughoutMinnesota.Thispositioninvolvesphysicallychallenging,team-orientedwork.Workisperformedexclusivelyoutdoorsandallprojectsinvolveextendedcampingneartheworkprojectsite.ApplicantmustbeflexibletoworkthemonthofOctoberwith5scheduleddaysoff(mostlyweekends)duringthisperiod.Food,campsites,andgroupcampinggearareonlyprovidedwhileworkingawayfromDuluth.CrewisprovidedacrewvehicletotravelfromDuluthtoworklocation.












·       Abilitytoperformtheessentialfunctionsofthejob 8hoursperday5daysaweek:


-    Long(8hour)daysofrepetitivecleaningandrestoringhistoricstructuresandobjects


-    Long(8hour)daysofheavy,manuallabor


-    Long(8hour)daysofbrushsawwork,lopping,andpruninghistoriclandscapes


-    Heavylifting,bending,andcarryingupto50pounds


-    Walking/workingonsteeporuneventerrain


-    Workingoutdoors,rainorshine,inextremeheat,anddealingwithinsectandpests


-    Working,eating,andcampingintheoutdoorsinallweatherconditions


·       Abilitytoworkwellwithothersinateamsetting.


·       Strongdesiretolearnnewskills.


·       Attentiontodetailandwillingtofollowstandardsforhistoricpreservation.


·       Positiveattitudeandinterestinserviceandcommunitywork.


·       Flexibleschedule.


·       Interestandabilitytocampforextendedperiods.


·       ReliabletransportationtoreporttoshoplocationinDuluthatthebeginningofeachproject.


·       Thisisaserviceandtrainingprogramforyoungadults;therefore,youngadults, minorities, and womenareencouragedtoapply.






OPen until
Until Filled

How to apply
Due September 12 or until filled, please submit cover letter, resume, 3 professionals references and the response to the 5 essay questions below. Email application packet or mail to email or mailing address on website. Essay Questions: 1) Do you feel it is important to preserve Minnesota’s historic resources? Why or why not? 2) What does being of service mean to you? 3) Tell us about your experience in preserving/restoring historical structures or buildings (if any)? 4) Do you have any experience with carpentry or masonry? 5) Why do you want to work for Northern Bedrock?
Brooke Tapp

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