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RFP Consultant- Evaluation of Neighborhood Conservation Overlay Distri

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Posted: 12/16/2014

City of Bozeman
Department of Community Development

RFP Consultant- Evaluation of Neighborhood Conservation Overlay Distri
Professional Opportunity
Bozeman, MT

The City of Bozeman is looking to undertake a holistic review of the Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District, (NCOD), to determine the impacts and long term viability of the district with regard to affordable housing, urban renewal, historic preservation and residential infill. 

Implemented in 1991, the Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District (NCOD) was a proactive planning measure. The NCOD is a mixed use and mixed income area spanning historic worker housing, commercial properties, homes for many university students and staff, and gentrified areas of substantial homes.  The NCOD takes a singular approach to dual objectives; the conservation of neighborhood character and protection of cultural resource. Both efforts are enacted through the Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) process, which applies the same criteria and guidelines unilaterally to regulate private property development. This project seeks to objectively evaluate the NCODs effectiveness and continued necessity in light of the increasing disappearance, through demolition, subdivision or wholesale alteration of housing within the district.  Changes in the character of housing within the northern portion of the NCOD in what has historically been a housing stock that is affordable to households earning 100% or less of area median income is impacting the character of all or parts of the district.  

The NCOD has successfully stabilized the commercial and residential neighborhoods around Bozemans core area, which has in turn encouraged privately funded reinvestment and rehabilitation of properties. The COA process enables the appropriate replacement of dilapidated structures beyond repair.  However, the real estate value in these areas is creating an environment where the land is more valuable than many of the small historic homes.  Some of the homes have been allowed to deteriorate in order to facilitate demolition.  The NCOD has two Tax Increment Finance Districts within its boundary, which have further stabilized the tax base and facilitated reinvestment in public infrastructure previously absent in the area. 

OPen until

How to apply
All proposals must be in the format specified, enclosed in a sealed envelope and clearly identified with RFP title, company name and due date. Deliver proposals via email at agenda@bozeman.net or to the City Clerk at the following address PO Box 1230, 121 North Rouse Ave, Suite 202, Bozeman, MT 59771 by Monday, January 12, 2015 @ 5:00p.m. It is the sole responsibility of the proposing firm to ensure that proposals are received prior to the closing time as late submittals will not be accepted and will be returned unopened.
Courtney Kramer
Phone: 406-582-2260
PO Box 1230
Bozeman, MT 59771

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