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Summer 2015 Diversity Internship

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Posted: 01/16/2015

Texas Historical Commission

The Texas Historical Commission (THC) is the state agency for historic preservation. We save the real places that tell the real stories of Texas. Our staff consults with citizens and organizations to preserve Texas' architectural, archeological, and cultural landmarks. The agency is recognized nationally for its preservation programs. The commission is composed of 12 citizen members appointed by the governor to staggered six-year terms. Agency employees work in various fields, including archeology, architecture, history, economic development, heritage tourism, public administration, and urban planning. Our business is to preserve and leverage Texas’ diverse history for the social and economic benefit of its citizens. We are committed to: Empowering our local, state, and national partners to effectively preserve the resources that keep Texas history alive Teaching Texas communities to use historic assets to help create economic opportunities and foster a sense of place Cultivating a culture of creativity and excellence for our employees Serving the residents of Texas and our diverse clients with the highest standards of professionalism, responsiveness, consistency, accountability, and ethics

Summer 2015 Diversity Internship
Internship Opportunity
Austin, TX
Open Until

The Texas Historical Commission (THC) seeks to increase the diversity of professionals working in historic preservation, acknowledge the variety of cultures that enrich Texas heritage, and engage a wider range of organizations and communities in supporting efforts to protect and preserve the history of our state.

The Diversity Internship was created to build interest in and awareness of historic preservation, specifically among students from underrepresented cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups. The THC recognizes that many such groups are currently underrepresented in the professional fields related to historic preservation. This initiative targets undergraduate students to encourage their interest in pursuing fields of study in history, preservation, architecture, landscape architecture, archeology, downtown revitalization and heritage tourism. Students will also learn about the impact that historic preservation programs can have on a communitys economic development.

Program Goals

  • Increase the representation of all cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups in historic preservation careers
  • Increase the number of historic and cultural resources associated with the states diverse cultural history that are identified, documented, preserved and interpreted
  • Increase the number of diverse organizations and communities involved in the historic preservation field and served by public and private preservation programs.

Diversity Interns will complete a rotation amongst all divisions headquartered in Austin and then complete a special project in a division of their choice. Diversity Interns will receive a $5,000 stipend provided by the Friends of the Texas Historical Commission, for an eight week internship (40-hour week). Interns will work under the supervision of the THC, at its headquarters in Austin and/or in the field with its historic sites, an associated preservation organization such as a Main Street program, a heritage tourism program, a history museum or a historical association. Brief progress reports will be required, both during the employment period and at the conclusion of the students internship.

Working with THC staff and programs will expose the Interns to the various and exciting vocational opportunities in the field of historic preservation, with the goal of encouraging more students from underrepresented ethnic groups to pursue careers in this field upon graduation. In return, the THC and its partner organizations will have the opportunity to meet promising young people who might choose to work in this field.


  • U.S. citizens
  • College junior level or above
  • Attending a college or university in Texas, or a Texas resident attending school out-of-state
  • Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 or above on a 4.0 system (or comparable GPA)
  • Preference may be given to candidates from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds
  • Prior recipients are ineligible

*List of 2015 possible internship projects are listed at the website below

See more at: http://www.thcfriends.org/special-projects/thc-diversity-internship

How to apply
The application period for 2015 is now open! Deadline to apply and send required material (Letters of Reference & Transcripts) is March 20, 2015. To apply visit: http://www.thcfriends.org/special-projects/thc-diversity-internship. Incomplete applications or those submitted after the deadline will not be considered. Applications must be completed all at once. The webpage will not save your progress if you leave the page.
PO BOX 12276
Austin, TX 78711

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