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Posted: 03/04/2015

Preservation Society of Charleston

Founded in 1920, the Preservation Society of Charleston is the oldest community based historic preservation organization in America. Our mission is to inspire the involvement of all who dwell in the Lowcountry to honor and respect our material and cultural heritage. For more information, please browse our website.

Advocacy Research
Internship Opportunity
Charleston, SC
Open Until

The Preservation Society is seeking a paid, full-time summer intern to work 35 hours per week from Monday,May 18 Friday, August 7 to support the Advocacy Departments research initiatives. Charlestons rapid growth continues to bring development and change to the city, which places increasing pressure on historic and cultural resources. To help the Society be proactive in its advocacy, it is vital to acquire data about and knowledge of the changing landscape and vulnerable historic resources. The Advocacy Research Intern will participate in the following endeavors:

Property research for buildings in the Morris Street Business District

Research of properties on which the Society holds conservation easements

Research of peninsular neighborhoods

Survey of dilapidated and abandoned buildings on the Peninsula

Completion of the Charleston Cottage multiple resources National Register nomination

Creation of Cannonborough-Elliotborough National Register Historic District

How to apply
An ideal candidate possesses strong research abilities and excellent written and oral communication skills. A background in preservation, planning, history, or a related field is desired. The intern will report to the Director of Advocacy and work with the Advocacy Manager in support of the internship tasks. The position will receive compensation by an hourly wage ($10.00/hr.) which will be paid biweekly over the duration of the internship. Please send a cover letter, resume and references to: Tim Condo, Advocacy Manager, at tcondo@preservationsociety.org. Applications will be accepted until close of business on Friday, April 17, 2015.
Tim Condo
Phone: 843.722.4630
Fax: 843.723.4381
Preservation Society of Charleston
P.O. Box 521
Charleston, SC 29402

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