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Vermont Archaeology Month Coordinator Temporary Position

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Posted: 04/16/2015

State of Vermont
Department of Housing and Community Development

State of Vermont, Division for Historic Preservation Department of Housing and Community Development Division for Historic Preservation, located within the Agency of Commerce and Community Development, serves as the State Historic Preservation Office. Vermontís rich legacy of historic resources is as diverse as it is engaging. From 12,000-year-old Native American sites to rambling 19th century farms, railroad-spawned villages of the 1870s to gleaming, streamlined diners that sustained auto-borne patrons road tripping through the 1930s, each of the buildings, structures, and spaces tell a story of who we are and what we cherish. The Vermont Division for Historic Preservation keeps hundreds of years of history alive and vital, engaging people of all walks in Vermontís past through collecting, preserving and discovering a shared priority and value for the human spirit that preceded us. Our programs support the continued use of our historical assets, and the integration of our history into our future planning and growth, job creation and communitiesí culture. Through grants, review and compliance, and the operation of a statewide system of State-owned historic sites, we foster protection, research, education and interpretation of Vermontís historic resources.

Vermont Archaeology Month Coordinator Temporary Position
Professional Opportunity
Barre, VT

This temporary position will assist the State Archaeologist in coordinating and implementing the annual Vermont Archaeology Month (VAM) program held every year throughout the month of September. The period of work is from July 15 through October 15, 2015. The person will work for 24 hours per week, under the immediate direction of the State Archaeologist in the Division for Historic Preservation (DHP).

The employee will be based at the Archaeology Heritage Center at 60 Washington Street in Barre, with occasional workdays at the Division for Historic Preservation offices in the National Life Building in Montpelier.

Position Objective: The individual will help plan, organize, and implement Vermont Archaeology Month, a program consisting of archaeology and history-related events across the state throughout the month of September, 2015. The individual will also act as a critical liaison between the event coordinators and presenters and the State Archaeologist, and will attend events in an organizational and ambassadorial capacity as needed.

Goals for the Position: The individual will gain knowledge about Vermont archaeology and local history, improve organizational skills, learn about marketing and promotional strategies, network with archaeology and history professionals across the state, and improve skills around social media.

Tasks that will be performed include:

1. Implement existing work plans and maintain VAM project schedule.

2. Contact event sponsors and finalize details for sponsorship/engage new sponsors.

3. Work with DHP team and Chief Marketing Office to finalize marketing and promotion plan.

4. Distribute promotional materials and other information to various venues and to host sites.

5. Respond to questions and answer emails about VAM.

6. Work with Tourism & Marketing department and the State Archaeologist to draft media releases; distribute final media releases by email, etc.

7. Enter Calendar of Events into various newspapers and online portals.

8. Maintain VAM Facebook and promote VAM through other social media.

9. Produce a summary report detailing the accomplishments of the work period and recommendations for future progress.

Minimum Qualifications:

Undergraduate student experienced in Anthropology, Archaeology, Public History, Museum Studies, or other related field.


Graduate student (MA) in Anthropology, Archaeology, Public History, Museum Studies, or other related field.

Knowledge and experience with archaeology recommended. Experience with Microsoft EXCEL helpful.

Experience with major social media platforms such as Facebook helpful.

OPen until

How to apply
If interested, please send a brief cover letter and résumé to Jess Robinson, State Archaeologist, at jess.robinson@state.vt.us. Materials must be received no later than Monday, May 15th.
Jess Robinson

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