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Historic Buildings Preservation Internship Frederick Law Olmsted Natio

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Posted: 07/02/2015

Student Conservation Association

Historic Buildings Preservation Internship Frederick Law Olmsted Natio
Internship Opportunity
Brookiline, NJ

Position Dates 5/25/2015 to 1/2/2016 Very Flexible: Start or end date is very flexible

POSITION DESCRIPTION Internship performs simple and routine maintenance and repair of historic grounds, historic exterior structures, and historic buildings, learning about maintenance and preservation construction, using modern equipment and related utilities.

Assists higher graded maintenance workers or tradesmen in the performance of their work.

Performs minor carpentry repairs using simple measures and hand tools on such tasks as replacing broken planks on picnic tables; broken windows using precut stock; minor adjustments or replaces hinges, latches and catches.

Performs minor painting using brush and roller according to specific instructions on projects where appearances are critical such as historic interior and exterior wooden, plaster and masonry components.

Performs minor plumbing repairs such as tightening or replacing in-kind fittings and fixtures which do not require custom fitting or solder joints; replaces faucet washers; unplugs drains using a plunger; replaces liquid petroleum gas bottles.

Receives, unloads and processes incoming shipments according to established procedures. Reports discrepancies and damage to others responsible for such items. Collects trash.

Operates a light truck to pick up supplies and to transport materials to and from work sites while assisting on project work. Makes minor repairs as needed and refers problems to higher graded workers. Removes, repairs and replaces historic wooden components under the supervision of park service personnel.

All training will be hands on. Training will mostly come from within the park. Some training activities may involve visiting other parks and working with other staff members to get a better understanding of the process. The intern will be educated mostly in the field of historic preservation on buildings and also on the function of compliance within the national park service in regards to historic restoration and preservation.

It will meet the conservation needs of historic preservation in the National Park Service. Historic structures will be maintained. The need for historic preservation in buildings is also a community need. This position is expected to complete historic projects throughout the year in regards to historic buildings and structures.

SERVICE LOCATION DESCRIPTION Partner will pay the SCA to provide housing allowance for the member.

Position Benefits $1,250/month housing allowance $200/week living allowance $50/week commuting allowance Travel allowance (round trip up to $650)



OPen until

How to apply
How to apply? http://thesca.force.com/members/NewRegistration Questions? Email tmeggett@thesca.org
Takeya Meggett

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