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Saving The Stones - Training program in practical conservation of buil

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Posted: 11/30/2015

The International Conservation Center - Città di Roma

As Israel’s premier Institute of Technical Conservation and Historic Preservation, the International Conservation Center – Città di Roma, established in 2005, serves as a place of study for researchers, students, and emerging professionals from Israel and abroad, providing them with unrivaled hands-on conservation experience and field work, taught by professional conservators, architects, archaeologists, and specialists of the Israel Antiquities Authority. Courses, workshops, and other programs reflect and feature Acre’s rich cultural heritage, and encourage economic development for the city’s residents. Situated in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Old City of Acre, Israel, the Center is granted intimate access to a veritable living laboratory for the study and application of practical heritage conservation within the historic living city. The Center operates as a division of the Israel Antiquities Authority under the direct supervision of the Conservation Department. The continued development of the Center is due to fruitful cooperation between the Israel Antiquities Authority and the Cultural Ministry of the Italian Government. In 2009 under the patronage of then Mayor of Rome, Giovanni Alemanno, the Center was the recipient of the prestigious “Dan David” award to commemorate the Italian activities in San Giovanni di Acre during the Middle Ages. This partnership provides the Center access to renowned Italian conservation specialists.

Saving The Stones - Training program in practical conservation of buil
Professional Opportunity
Old Acre, YT

Saving The Stones is a practical training program designed to give the foundation needed to begin a career in conservation of built heritage and historic preservation.

It  intended for participants from inter-disciplinary backgrounds such as: archaeology, architecture, historic preservation, art history, urban planning, civil engineering, and other related fields.

The program gives recent graduates and young professionals in these fields a unique opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge so as to enable them to begin a career in practical conservation.

Saving the Stones is held at the International Conservation Center Città di Roma that is situated in Acre Israel and taught by Israels leading conservation professionals, in partnership with Israel Antiquities Authority. Saving The Stones is an ICCROM recognized program.

Through hands-on experiences on various archaeological heritage sites in Israel, participants have a unique opportunity to learn, work, and live in the historic city of Old Acre, and embrace the diversity  of famous historical sites in the Land of Israel.

OPen until
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How to apply
Email: sts@conservationcenter.org.il and we will contact you

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