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Posted: 12/28/2015

Preservation Maryland

Since 1931, Preservation Maryland has worked to protect the places, stories and communities in Maryland that matter. As a non-profit organization, it works with partners across the state to accomplish this important mission and protect the Best of Maryland.

Data Science Consultant
Professional Opportunity
Baltimore, MD

Igniting Civic Engagement in Historic Preservation Request for Proposals for Data Science Consultant

Marylands statewide historic preservation organization, Preservation Maryland, is looking to retain a data science consultant to be part of a multi-year program to use data science methodology to build a new platform for engaging Marylands citizens.  The organization intends to execute a consulting contract for one to three years that will help guide the new program during its initial launch.

Consultants interested in working on this program should plan to provide: 

- A brief written proposal (no more than 2 to 3 pages) that outlines how the consultant would assist Preservation Maryland, 

- The consultants schedule of fees that would apply to this contract and a  good faith estimate of the total costs of the consultants services, 

- A list of projects of similar complexity for which the consultant has achieved success with reference contact information, and

- The consultants resume and/or list of achievements that are relevant to this project.


Preservation Marylands new program, called Igniting Civic Engagement, is intended to be a fundamental shift in how the organization identifies potential new supporters, inspires them to become engaged, and leverages their support for the future.  

Donations to Preservation Maryland have in the past, and currently, supported our programming.  As we look forward to more stable funding sources for our programming work, we envision disconnecting the current link of donor funds raised to programming, so that donor contributions can support the building of a more robust civic engagement campaign and attract new donors.  Funneling donations to support civic engagement will build a cycle of giving, outreach and engagement.   Preservation Maryland believes that when this change in donor recruitment is combined with well-designed and executed data science methodology it has the potential for creating a self-sustaining and ever expanding system for recruiting and engaging Marylands citizens.   Once the program reaches a critical mass, the system should ignite and become self-sustaining.  The business model for the program suggests that ignition can take place in approximately 48 months.

This Request for Proposals is intended to identify the data science consultant who will help guide the program during it critical launch phase.


The objectives of Preservation Marylands Igniting Civic Engagement program are to:

- Identify up to 10,000 new prospective supporters who are highly likely to respond positively to Preservation Marylands messages. 

- Organize a communication strategy/campaign to reach these prospective supporters in the most cost effective manner.

- Develop and refine methodologies for tracking and measuring the responses

- Assist with creating a campaign to entice prospective supporters to become engaged with Preservation Maryland.

- Design a program that will transition prospective supporters into regular financial supporters of the organization.


Preservation Maryland believes that there key entry points from which the organization can identify and inspire new potential donor/members to join/support the organization.

Examples include are:

1. Owners/occupants of historic properties in Maryland,

2. Visitors to historic sites in Maryland,

3. Members of professions that have a close affinity to historic preservation,

4. Members of state and local organizations that are colleagues of Preservation Maryland, and

5. Friends and family of all of the above.

In addition, there are potential impediments that could impact the project, including:

1. No single complete list of historic properties in Maryland exists,

2. No accurate list of visitors to historic sites in Maryland has been compiled,

3. No definitive list of professions or professionals who have an affinity with historic preservation exists,

4. Because of concerns over donor privacy, organizations that have collegial relationships with Preservation Maryland tend not to share their list of supporters, and

5. There is no known way of independently identifying the friends and family members of the above categories of potential donor/members.

OPen until

How to apply
Given these assumptions and limitations, consultants who are interested in this project should: - Identify how they would organize the Igniting Civic Engagement campaign, - Present a set of hypotheses and a proposed methodology for testing the hypotheses that could yield a list of prospects who would respond favorably to messages from Preservation Maryland - Advise and work with PM to use print, digital, and social media to achieve the objectives of the Igniting Civic Engagement campaign - Identify the parameters by which the consultant believes Preservation Maryland should measure success for the Igniting Civic Engagement campaign - Suggest innovative techniques and/or technologies which have not been mentioned in this RFP but which the consultant believes should be considered - Present what the consultant believes should be a realistic three to four year budget for the effort. Responses to this Request for Proposals should be submitted via email no later than 5pm EST on Monday, January 18, 2016 to Nicholas A. Redding, Executive Director, Preservation Maryland at info@presmd.org. Prior to submission, questions can be directed to Douglas A. Harbit, Director of Development, Preservation Maryland at dharbit@presmd.org.
Douglas Harbit
Phone: 410-685-2886
3600 Clipper Mill Road
Suite 248
Baltimore, MD 21211

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