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National Register Coordinator and Survey Coordinator

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Posted: 1/21/15

Maine SHPO

The Maine Historic Preservation Commission carries out the provisions of the National Historic Preservation Act in Maine, and various Maine statues, involving survey, registration, project review, comprehensive planning and other activities involving historic, archaeological and architectural resources.

National Register Coordinator and Survey Coordinator
professional Opportunity
$38,667.20 52,416.00
This is professional services work containing two primary program responsibilities. The first is as the coordinator for the National Register of Historic Places program in Maine and the second is as the coordinator for the Architectural Survey program. The National Register program area involves the research, analysis, and identification of historic sites, structures, buildings, and districts eligible for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places. The Architectural Survey program coordinator is responsible for organizing, supervising and processing architectural surveys and for administering the on-line survey database. Responsibilities inherent in both program areas include conducting field work, researching historical resources and preparing printed material. The position also includes performing public relations in the area of historic preservation and providing technical assistance to public and private sector property owners. Work involves considerable personal contact with owners of historic property, preservation groups, and community organizations, as well as statewide travel. Supervision may be exercised over subordinate technical personnel. Work is performed under limited supervision.
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