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Cultural Resources Specialist

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Posted: 02/29/2016

Alabama Historical Commission
SHPO (Section 106 Review and Compliance)

As Alabama’s State Historic Preservation Office, the staff of the Alabama Historical Commission work to preserve, protect, and interpret Alabama’s historic places. By working with other state and federal agencies, local communities, and interested citizens, the AHC seeks to build a greater awareness of Alabama’s past and to encourage the long-term preservation of Alabama’s significant cultural resources. Through its various programs the AHC strives to show how historic resources contribute to the heritage, economy, and quality of life of all Alabamians.

Cultural Resources Specialist
175, 176, 177
Professional Opportunity
Montgomery, AL

The Alabama Historical Commission (SHPO) seeks to hire a Cultural Resource Specialist whose primary responsibility will be to review and comment on Alabama Department of Transportation projects undertaken pursuant to Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966. This position will review and comment on architectural reports/documents pursuant to federal historic preservation laws and regulations.  Knowledge of Alabama history, a specific understanding of Section 106 review, and experience in evaluating properties for the National Register of Historic Places.  

Typical responsibilities includes reviewing proposed project documents, including environmental impact statements and environmental assessments, which have been submitted by federal agencies or their agents; determines effects that may occur to historic properties as a result of a project; uses historic property inventories, property location maps, and a broad knowledge of Alabama architecture and history to determine need to conduct architectural or historic surveys and to evaluate historic properties for significance; provides opinion of project effect and how to avoid affecting historic properties; responds to inquiries and provides guidance, clarification and recommendations concerning historic preservation compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966; maintains compliance review files and computer databases. 

This position is full-time, located in Montgomery, and is funded by the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT).  The person in this position would review all ALDOT projects that fall under Section 106.  This position will also be the primary reviewer for all Section 106 projects that might affect above-ground buildings and structures.  The person in this position will also with other preservation related projects.  While the priority of the job will be Section 106 review, there will be opportunities to participate in other preservation related activities. 

OPen until
Until Filled

How to apply
To apply, visit https://www.personnel.alabama.gov/OES/Login.aspx. After creating a profile, search for Class 30422, Options 175, 176, and 177, and follow the instructions for applying for the Open-Continuous Positions. For more information, contact Lee Anne Wofford, Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer, at leeanne.wofford@preserveala.org or at 334-230-2659.
Lee Anne Wofford
Phone: 334-230-2659
Alabama Historical Commission
468 South Perry Street
Montgomery, AL 36104

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