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Cultural Preservation Specialist - Architectural Historian

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Posted: 04/16/2016

Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs

The Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs is an agency of the State of Delaware. Its mission is to serve Delaware residents and visitors by identifying, preserving, and interpreting Delaware history. The Delaware State Historic Preservation Office is located within this agency. The Division operates five museums and the Buena Vista Conference Center, and partners with community organizations and nonprofits on history-related activities. The Division also has care of the state's collections of museum objects, archaeological artifacts, and works of art.

Cultural Preservation Specialist - Architectural Historian
Professional Opportunity
Dover, DE
$38,515.00/Min - $48,144.00/Mid





This is a full-time, state merit position located in the State Historic Preservation Office, within the Delaware Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs.


The successful applicant must meet the


Secretary of the Interiors Professional Qualification Standards for architectural history and demonstrate the ability to carry out essential functions of the job. The position will be responsible for project review tasks, including:  reviewing and occasionally conducting architectural surveys; reviewing project plans for the rehabilitation of historic buildings and structures; and consulting with federal, state, and/or local agencies on a projects effects on historic properties. Other duties may include coordinating with local governments, assisting with historic preservation incentive programs, and monitoring preservation covenants and easements.

Go to the following link for additional information on the position requirements: http://www.jobaps.com/DE/sup/BulPreview.asp?R1=041516&R2=MEAZ04&R3=200600

OPen until

How to apply
Applications must be submitted on-line at the Delaware Employment Link (see http://www.delawarestatejobs.com/). Please refer to this link for information on the application process and status.
Gwen Davis

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