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Director of Heritage Assets and Historic Preservation Officer

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Posted: 07/25/2016

Fort Monroe Authority
Heritage Assets

The Fort Monroe Authority (FMA) is a political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Virginia, created by Act of the Virginia General Assembly in 2010 and charged with the reuse planning and management in perpetuity of Fort Monroe (Old Point Comfort) Virginia; a state enclave, open to all as of September 15, 2011.

Director of Heritage Assets and Historic Preservation Officer
Professional Opportunity
Fort Monroe, VA
$65,000-75,000 Annually

Job title:                      Director of Heritage Assets and Fort Monroe Historic Preservation Officer (FMHPO), Fort Monroe Authority (FMA)

Department:               Heritage Assets

FSLA status:               Exempt, FTE

Work conditions:        Office and field environments at historic fort, residential, commercial and special use buildings, including construction work sites, not ADA accessible.   Moderate lifting.  Regular 40 hour workweek, 8:30 AM 5:00 PM, and as otherwise required for emergencies, special events, etc. Full state employee benefits.

Reports to:                  Executive Director, Fort Monroe Authority (FMA)

The Director of Heritage Assets and Fort Monroe Historic Preservation Officer (FMHPO) represents the Commonwealth as the on-site preservation advocate and is the coordinating stewardship official at Fort Monroe, a National Historic Landmark (NHL) district and the newest National Monument in Virginia (November 2011).  The FMHPO works in close coordination with related property management entities and in consultation with the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) to ensure the integration of stewardship values, appropriate consideration and treatment of resources, and the public interest.  The FMHPOs work is pursuant to principles and procedures in the federal Programmatic Agreement (PA) and state Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Fort Monroe and the Historic Preservation Manual and Design Standards (Design Standards), and will include federal, state and local partners, stakeholders and interested parties.

 Responsibilities of Director of Heritage Assets and FMHPO (as required in the PA): 

  1. Heads Department of Heritage Assets to include Historic Preservation (Lands, Buildings, Structures, Objects and Archeology), Environmental Management, Research and Archives.
  2. Partners with management team to ensure compliance with PA, MOU, Design Standards and all applicable standards.
  3. Prepares and manages annual, capital and long-range departmental plans and budgets.
  4. Represents the FMA on matters relating to the department and its activities with the public and interested parties, including as the FMHPO and other activity areas.
  5. Supervises research, planning and implementation for heritage assets and manages archives.
  6. Reports regularly to the Executive Director and other departments on activities.
  7. Reports to the Board and committees, as requested by the Executive Director.
  8. Promotes appropriate treatment measures by providing technical assistance and guidance on preservation technologies and procedures.
  9. Provides training in requirements for historic resources and/or available preservation tools, references and resources.  Supports marketing and real estate activities as the historic preservation expert at Fort Monroe for the Commonwealth.
  10. Conducts reviews of proposed projects at Fort Monroe to evaluate effects to historic properties. 
  11. Makes on-site inspections to interpret specific landscape and rehabilitation issues and to identify solutions. 
  12. Acts as the liaison between the Commonwealth and project proponents, providing positive guidance with consideration of the preservation issues, public benefit, and state initiatives. 
  13. Makes determinations for the Commonwealth regarding the potential effect of proposed projects on historic properties. 
  14. Coordinates projects with the SHPO and FMA in accordance with the PA and MOU when potential effects to historic properties are found. 
  15. Responsible for developing, presenting and negotiating measures to avoid, minimize or mitigate adverse effects and for developing formal agreement documents among the project proponent(s), SHPO, FMA, and appropriate stakeholders. 
  16. Ensures an appropriate level of public and stakeholder involvement in the review process, through development and implementation of a public and stakeholder involvement protocol. 
  17. Acts as the liaison with the public on historic preservation issues.
  18. Prepares an annual report and convenes an annual meeting on historic preservation activities.
  19. Performs other related duties as assigned.

 Further, the FMHPO will oversee implementation of the stewardship vision by developing planning documents, managing specific programs and overseeing compliance activities.  The FMHPO is expected to clearly communicate the values of FMAs heritage assets program to internal and external audiences.  


  • Must meet the Secretary of the Interiors Professional Qualification Standards for at least one of the following:  Architectural History or Historic Architecture.
  • Minimum of a Bachelors Degree, ideally with graduate studies; and 10+ years of experience in one or more of the following professional fields:  historic preservation, community planning, architectural history, archeology, and natural resource management.
OPen until

How to apply
To apply please forward (1) a copy of your resume, (2) a cover letter and (3) an FMA Job Application (available on our website at www.fmauthority.com). to: Joan F. Baker Human Resources Manager jbaker@fmauthority.com Or mail to: Joan F. Baker Human Resources Manager 20 Ingalls Road Fort Monroe, VA 23651 Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
Joan Baker
Phone: 757-251-2740
20 Ingalls Road
Fort Monroe, VA 23651

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