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Communications Director, Part time

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Posted: 07/06/2017

Architectural Heritage Foundation

Architectural Heritage Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit real estate development firm specializing in historic preservation, adaptive reuse and economic development consistent with community goals. Communication resources are critical to the successful execution of the company’s mission.

Communications Director, Part time
Professional Opportunity
Boston, MA
Open Until
Until Filled

The Communications Director is responsible for oversight of AHFs corporate identity, including collateral text, graphic identity, websites and all external communication, including social media, that describes the company and its projects. The Director may directly participate in the writing or creation of elements of this identity or he/she may oversee consultants or staff doing this work. The Director is responsible for ensuring the continuity of AHFs public presentation and coordinating with staff to ensure that project materials and social media presence correctly describe AHFs mission and work.


The Director will also participate in corporate-level activities, including acting as a liaison to the Board of Directors, corporate strategic planning and grant writing. The Director will work closely with the President and executive level staff to track the companys growth and project pipeline. This work will require the Director to be familiar with all ongoing projects and to clearly and effectively summarize their key elements. The Director may also take on special projects as needed.


Communications Duties

§  Public and press communications

      Management and maintenance of all of AHF and subsidiary websites

      Social media management, including project blogs and news and events pages

      Preparation of materials for public presentation, including PowerPoint presentations, display boards and handouts. These may be project or corporate related.

§  Project related communications

      Interface with project manager and project teams on the public presentation of AHF as part of project development and marketing. Ensuring the consistency of project marketing materials with AHFs corporate identity.

      Writing of one-page project descriptions, in collaboration with project manager.

      Writing of descriptive project books, feasibility studies or other planning documents, in collaboration with project manager. Design and layout of project books.

      Design of graphics to accompany project materials, e.g. maps, photos, and data tables.

      Writing and design of miscellaneous project materials as needed.

§  Mission statement and collateral text

      Writing of collateral text (company history, description of services and activities, project descriptions, staff bios, etc.), in collaboration with staff and consultants.

      Responsible for consistency of mission statement and collateral text in public communications, e.g., grant applications, project-related materials, etc.

      Definition and implementation of mission criteria as a tool for corporate decision-making.

§  Graphic identity

      Coordination with graphic designer and printer for periodic design updates and production of printed materials.

      Coordination with graphic/web designer on updating of company web site.

      Maintenance of company style manual.


How to apply
Send cover letter and resume to: Sean McDonnell President Architectural Heritage Foundation Old City Hall 45 School Street Boston, MA 02108 617-861-4053 smcdonnell@ahfboston.com
Sean McDonnell
Phone: 6178614053
Fax: 6178614066
45 School Street
Boston, MA 02108

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