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Posted: 08/17/2017

Buckhead Heritage Society

Buckhead Heritage Society is seeking an Executive Director to implement its mission to preserve and promote the stories, sites, and neighborhoods that convey the history of Buckhead and to build an understanding of and an appreciation for these historic resources. This position reports to and works closely with an active Board of Directors and oversees part-time staff and volunteers, as needed. Buckhead Heritage, a 501(c)(3), is supported by grants and donations from its members. The Executive Directorís position may require a 40-hour week, but a certain amount of flexibility is possible. Occasional nights and weekends will be required. Compensation shall be commensurate with experience, skills and a mutually agreed upon work schedule. The ideal candidate will have a genuine passion for local history as well as a BA or Masters degree, job experience in related fields and a working knowledge of non-profits and historical and preservation societies. It is essential that this individual be organized, a self-starter, a problem-solver, a strategic planner, an effective communicator, a practiced researcher and a team player. In addition to having good attention to detail and time management habits, this candidate must also be proactive in undertaking/finishing projects and able to work alone and unsupervised. This position requires excellent interpersonal skills, as the Executive Director is the face of the organization and must interact extremely well with the general public, the Board, staff, volunteers, government officials and be a bridge-builder with many other important community organizations. The ability to write well and make compelling, persuasive, entertaining presentations is a must. Additionally, familiarity with Buckhead and the ability to inspire high profile community residents is essential. With Board support, other responsibilities will include planning creative/appealing educational programming, identifying and applying for grants, managing budgets, preparing monthly e-blasts and an annual report, monitoring and bolstering membership, regularly updating our website, recording oral histories, preparing agendas and reports for the Board, speaking to community groups, and attending internal and external meetings. In addition, on-going long range and future projects must be overseen and/or implemented and two critical fundraising events per year must be organized and executed. Competence in the following software applications would be necessary in order to successfully fulfill this positionís responsibilities: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Pinnacle Studio. Familiarity with MailChimp, eTapestry, QuickBooks, social media promotion and artistic layout would be a definite plus.

Executive Director
Professional Opportunity
Atlanta, GA

Duties and Responsibilities of Executive Director

1. † † † Prepare monthly Executive Committee and quarterly Board Meeting agendas for approval by President. Attend all Executive Committee and Board Meetings and be prepared to report on the status of both operations and projects. †Remind committee chairs to submit their reports prior to the Board Meeting.

2. † † † Assure that new memberships are properly entered and that the membership database is monitored and maintained. †This may a direct responsibility or one that, at a future date, is supervised by the Executive Director. Membership responsibilities will also include overseeing membership renewals with a goal of maintaining a high retention rate.

3. † † † Identify and apply for pertinent financial grants that support our projects and organization.

4. † † † Communicate no less than monthly with the Membership through MailChimp and/or print mail, of upcoming events and programming.

5. † † † Prepare annual report. †Primary responsibility for content will be with the Executive Director with input from the President and Executive Committee. †

6. † † † Update BHS website on a regular basis to include the status of BHS projects, programming and events, as well as to upload content from the oral history interviews.

7. † † † Work with all BHS Committee Chairs including:

i)Suggesting, Developing, Planning and Executing educational events quarterly with Program Committee involvement

ii)Working with the Special Events Committee in planning and executing two major fundraising events each year

iii)Monitoring (and attending when necessary) maintenance activities related to Harmony Grove and Mt. Olive Cemeteries

iv)Furthering the goals of the Oral History Program by assisting with identifying contacts, following up with Oral History Committee to set hard dates for interviews, coordinating transcript preparation and uploading and distributing the interviews. †Maintaining camera and recording equipment in proper working order

v)Working with the Membership Committee to identify and grow membership roster

†8. † Supervise administrative staff and/or interns, when applicable.

9. † Interface with the community by speaking to community groups about Buckhead Heritage Society.†

10. † Assist with Special Projects as they arise.

11. † Assist with implementation of Buckhead Story lines project if directed by the Board and Executive Committee.†

12. Be the outward face of the organization within the community and with aligned organizations (Buckhead CID, Liveable Buckhead, Cherokee Garden Club, Atlanta History Center, Heritage Sandy Springs, Georgia Trust, etc.)†

OPen until

How to apply
If interested in this unique opportunity, resumes with a cover letter may be sent to jobs@buckheadheritage.com or to Buckhead Heritage Society, 3180 Mathieson Drive, Suite 200, Atlanta, GA 30305
Buckhead Heritage Society
3180 Mathieson Drive, Suite 200
Atlanta, GA 30305

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