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Posted: 08/22/2017

Neighborhood Preservation Center

The Neighborhood Preservation Center is a non-advocacy organization dedicated to facilitating and cultivating citizen participation in the improvement and protection of the New York’s urban landscape through its meeting rooms, offices and resource center. The St. Mark’s Historic Landmark Fund, in resident partnership with the Historic Districts Council and the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, sponsors the Center. It is located at the historic Ernest Flagg rectory of St. Mark’s Church In-the-Bowery.

Fall 2017 Internships
Internship Opportunity
New York, NY
Open Until

The Neighborhood Preservation Center is offering two internship positions in fall 2017 for motivated individuals looking to gain experience in historic preservation and/or a non-profit environment. These internships are a great opportunity for someone interested in historic preservation, historic research, library science, and urban planning. 


All internships are unpaid, but we are happy to work with students who would like to complete an internship for school credit. We make every effort to tailor internship experiences to fit an interns skills and interests.  There may be times when we ask for help with other projects going on in the office if more hands and assistance are needed. Internships are available for both students (undergraduate and graduate) and non-students.


Architectural Research & Writing Internship


Description: This position will include the continuation of creating of a comprehensive guide to our Peg-Leg Pete Tour Series. The project will include the following tasks:

-          the design and implementation of a user-friendly, online tour;

-          creating a script and recording an audio tour;

-          researching of buildings, people, and photographs;

-          writing architectural descriptions and taking photos; and

-          updating past tours to include changes to building design and/or  use.


Requirements: This candidate must have experience with researching and writing about architectural history and description. Ideally, the candidate will have prior knowledge on using Microsoft Suite and graphic design. Must be detail-oriented, have strong communication skills, and the ability to both work individually and with a group.  


Database Management Internship


Description: This internship will mostly focus on the updating and editing of information for the NPC Resource Referral Database. This will include contacting and researching numerous organizations to verify and update their information along with determining which additional organizations should be included. The position will also include such tasks as:

-          conducting peer exchanges between members of various organizations associated with NPC;

-          assisting to sort and catalog our reference library; and

-          facilitating an on-going archival project by filing and sorting.


Requirements: This candidate must be able to communicate with members of organizations city-wide with confidence and ease. Must also have strong organizational skills, database management experience, and be detail-oriented.


How to apply
Please send cover letter and resume to Kayte Handler via email info(at)neighborhoodpreservationcenter.org or by mail to: Neighborhood Preservation Center, 232 East 11th Street, New York, NY 10003.
Kayte Handler
Phone: 212-228-2781
Fax: 212-471-9987
232 East 11th Street
New York, NY 10003

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