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Historic Preservation Specialist III

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Posted: 08/30/2017

Oklahoma Historical Society
State Historic Preservation Office

Historic Preservation Specialist III
Recruitment #170825-U14C-03
Professional Opportunity
Oklahoma City, OK
$2,919.34 - $5,352.13 monthly
Open Until
Until Filled

The position is the SHPOs Architectural Historian/National Register Program Coordinator. The position is essential to the SHPOs compliance with requirements of the federal historic preservation programs. U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service regulations (36 CFR Part 61) stipulate that each SHPO must employ an individual who meets the Secretary of the Interiors Professional Qualification Standards in the discipline of architectural history to maintain its approved program status and receive its annual federal funding allocation.

Key Duties:


1.         Coordinates the divisions National Register of Historic Places program.

2.         Coordinates the division's architectural/historic resources survey program.


3.         Develops opinions on the eligibility of architectural/historic resources for the National Register of Historic Places required in the division's federally mandated review of federally assisted construction projects of other agencies and/or their applicants and designees.


4.         Supervises the division's Historic Preservation Specialist, Level I, who conducts archival and field research associated with the architectural/historic resources survey program and who maintains the division's architectural/historic resources database.


5.         Reviews complex reports, scopes of work, contracts, applications and other materials prepared by professional consultants and others for the major division programs cited above.


6.         Prepares complex reports, scopes of work, contract documents, applications and other materials for the major division programs cited above.


7.         Develops scopes of work for the procurement of professional services and monitors contract performance for the major division programs cited above.


8.         Develops and delivers presentations to professional organizations, other government agencies, and the general public on major division programs and a variety of topics related to the preservation of historic resources.


9.         Consults with clients/customers on major division programs and a variety of technical historic preservation topics.


10.       Prepares correspondence to address inquiries of clients/customers on a wide variety of complex historic preservation topics.


How to apply
All applicants must apply through the State of Oklahoma’s Human Capital Management, Office of Management and Enterprise Services (HCM/OMES). To complete the application process, go to http://www.jobaps.com/ok/ to submit your application through HCM/OMES. HCM/OMES must qualify candidates. Applications will be accepted continuously until the position is filled.

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