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Masonry, Carpentry, and Wood-Crafting Internships

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Posted: 09/07/2017

NPS - Historic Preservation Training Center & Stewards Individual Placement Pro

Masonry, Carpentry, and Wood-Crafting Internships
Internship Opportunity
Frederick, MD
Open Until
Until Filled

Job Description


6 months (26 weeks)


Frederick, MD

Living Allowance

$492 per week

AmeriCorps Award

An AmeriCorps education award upon of $2,887.50 upon successful completion of the program. 

Start Date

October 16, 2017

Specific training

In-person training for all trainees, hands-on work experience

Application Due Date

September 18, 2017



The National Park Service and Historic Preservation Training Center (HPTC), along with the Stewards program, are seeking interns (Stewards) to assist with preservation work at NPS units and other Federal Agencies. The Stewards would assist in the maintenance, stabilization, restoration, repair, or reconstruction of various historic structures and cultural assets that range widely in historic period, architectural style, construction materials, and existing conditions. These include wood, brick, stone, concrete, plaster and stucco building materials. Stewards will receive excellent exposure to the National Park Service, the preservation career field, as well as historic resource stewardship in general. Additionally, Stewards will be providing much needed and appreciated assistance to the National Park Service.


The Stewards could be assigned to projects located anywhere in the United States for a period not to exceed 30 days before returning to Frederick, MD. The Stewards would be provided a travel allowance and housing when assigned to project locations outside of the 50 mile radius of Frederick, MD. At this time, the HPTC does not provide housing in Frederick, MD.


The Stewards will be placed with an HPTC preservation work crew and will be expected to perform as a fully participating member. Work tasks will be determined on a project-by-project basis by the project leader and will be determined by the skill level of the Steward.


The physical effort required is heavy to moderate and requires occasional lifting or handling of objects or materials over 75 lbs. while using the proper lifting procedures. Applicants must frequently stand while working, climb ladders, and work from scaffolding or platforms, and crawl beneath buildings. He/she is required to bend, kneel, climb, and walk while performing the work in all manners of environmental conditions such as snow, mud, heat and rain.


HPTC personnel will provide day-to-day mentoring as part of the project. Specific skills and knowledge acquired include: preservation awareness, applicable OSHA safety requirements, jobsite mobilization, slate roofing and flashing techniques, and scaffold erection.


Location Frederick, MD. On-site housing will not be provided.


General Qualifications

  • Commitment Stewards must make a strong commitment to complete all aspects of the program including environmental service projects, professional development, education training and other community activities that may arise.
  • Safety -You will be expected to take a serious attitude toward safety all day and every day.
  • Substance Free In accordance to a drug free workplace, alcohol, tobacco and drugs are prohibited while participating in any ES or ES partner activities.
  • Citizenship Stewards must be a United States Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Criminal History Stewards must pass a criminal history check as prescribed by the Serve America Act. Projects rarely involve providing education or other human services to the public and are designed not to have recurring access to vulnerable populations, but if they do, additional criminal history checks may be necessary.

How to apply
Please apply online.
Danny Margoles
Phone: 970-946-0405

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