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Educator and Visitor Experience Lead

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Posted: 09/13/2017

Missouri Historical Society

Educator and Visitor Experience Lead
Professional Opportunity
St. Louis, MO
Open Until
until filled


Educator and Visitor Experience Lead (Soldiers Memorial Military Museum)

The Missouri Historical Society seeks an Educator and Visitor Experience Lead for the Soldiers Memorial Military Museum in St. Louis, MO. The Educator at the Soldiers Memorial Military Museum (SMMM) specializes in developing programs about regional military history for youth and family, K-12 school audiences, and the broader community. This position works closely with veteran agencies and organizations.

Key Responsibilities


  • Establishes and sustains relationships with area veteran agencies and organizations representing all branches of services
  • Specialized understanding of American military history with an emphasis on the experiences of average citizen soldiers
  • Considers ways to incorporate the experiences of all branches of services, ranks, and veterans of diverse genders, race, and abilities
  • Develops a welcoming environment that is inclusive of veterans who are experiencing post-war trauma, injuries, and other effects of war
  • Attends professional development opportunities offered within the Education and Visitor Experiences (EVE) Division and seeks other growth opportunities
  • Ensures education programs align with the Missouri Historical Society’s (MHS) education goals and objectives
  • Other duties as assigned

Scheduling and Marketing

  • Coordinates through MHS Reservations the scheduling and rooms reservations of all tours, programs, meetings, and other group activities
  • Follows established communication channels through the MHS’s Marketing and Communication Department for press releases, social media content, and other advertising mediums
  • Coordinates with EVE and Marketing and Communication for the inclusion of all public programs in the quarterly Calendar of Events and school programs in the annual PreK-12 School and Educator Programs guide

K-12 Education

  • Creates innovative, interdisciplinary guided and self-guided K-12 education programs for field trip groups from public schools, private schools, and homeschool audiences
  • Utilizes shared authority approaches to education that are inclusive to the voices and experiences of veterans
  • Collaborates and remains in regular contact with the MHS K-12 Manager. Together they will maintain institutional relationships with area schools and homeschool groups.

Youth and Family

  • Develops innovative education programs for youth and families, including story times, activity days, and other dedicated programming for this demographic
  • Collaborates and remains in regular contact with the Youth and Family Programs Manager. Together they will maintain institutional relationships with area youth and family organizations, such as scout organizations and child resource centers

Community Programs

  • Collaborates with area veteran agencies and organizations, military history affinity groups, and invested groups, to deliver meaningful and relevant programs
  • Utilizes shared authority to provide space for veterans to share their experiences in the military and specifically active duty
  • Leverages events near SMMM to develop new audiences, promote resources, and deliver programming when relevant
  • Collaborates and remains in regular contact with the MHS Director of Community Programs

Volunteers and Tours

  • Establishes a volunteer and intern program including recruitment, management, and training, with a special focus on veterans, active service members, and family members of military personnel
  • Develops tours using dialogical methods that highlight key features of regional military history and the experiences of veterans
  • Collaborates and remains in regular contact with the MHS Director of Volunteer and Intern Services and the MHS Tourism and Group Sales Manager

Visitor Experience

  • Leads the visitor experience staff to provide meaningful interaction and a welcoming environment for all visitors and members
  • Develops training of visitor experience staff to utilize “roving” model of engagement, including membership sales, gift shop transactions, wayfinding, and delivering interpretive content about Soldiers Memorial and local military history
  • Provides a linkage between the SMMM to other downtown area attractions, Missouri History Museum, and the Library and Research Center
  • Conducts annual reviews and works with MHS Director of Visitor Experience to provide continual education to the Visitor Experience team.


  • Advanced degree in education, museum studies, family education, social work, history, or related fields
  • Understanding of military history, active duty, or veteran statuses preferred
  • Preferred 5+ years of experience working in a museum, historic site, battle site, veteran agency, military organization, or non-profit
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite, ALTRU (ticketing and scheduling), ADP (time-recording), Power Plan (accounting), Google Docs, Outlook, or similar software
  • Strong customer service skills
  • Understanding of military procedures, history, and branches of service
  • Ability to quickly grasp basic presentation technologies such as projectors and other multimedia equipment
  • Understanding of developmental needs of museum audiences of all ages and learning abilities
  • Experience writing tour scripts for K-12 and adult tour group audiences
  • Experience with education program development and evaluation
  • Commitment to diversity, equity, access, and inclusion
  • Demonstrated background or familiarity with constructivist learning theory
  • Experience managing volunteers and staff, including evaluation and training
  • Experience with museum program evaluation methods
  • Demonstrated ability to manage projects and multi-task

Deadline to Apply: Anticipated hire by November 2017.

How to apply
Letter of interest, resume and employment application required to be considered. Please submit to: hradmin@mohistory.org (Employment application can be downloaded and saved from www.mohistory.org under the “Jobs” tab. See the link: Click here for a copy of the MHM Employment Application.) Candidates may also respond to: Missouri History Museum-HR P.O. Box 11940 St. Louis, MO 63112-0040

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