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Posted: 01/24/2018


As the cultural funding agency for King County, Washington, 4Culture works to make the region vibrant. The organization’s four program areas—arts, heritage, historic preservation, and public art—put public resources to use all over King County. The Board, Executive Director, staff, and Advisory Committees are committed to addressing racial, geographic, and income-related funding inequities and creating an environment in which all King County residents participate actively in cultural opportunities. 4Culture is an independent public agency, chartered under state law and King County ordinance in January 2003, after thirty-five years as the King County Office of Cultural Resources, to provide cultural services to King County residents and visitors. The ideal candidate for this position champions public support for arts and culture and has demonstrated commitment to advancing racial equity and social justice.

Executive Director
Professional Opportunity
Seattle, WA
$130,000 to $160,000 w/benefits
Open Until


4Cultures Board of Directors and staff agree that the ideal candidate for the position of Executive Director is a thoughtful and visionary leader who can guide the organization through transition, and bring astute racial equity and social justice analysis to the forefront.

The Board and staff agree that the Executive Director of 4Culture must have these three essential qualifications:

1. Visionary leadership with passion for 4Culture's evolving mission and role in the region

To serve the interests and needs of King Countys rapidly growing and increasingly diverse population, 4Culture is innovative, flexible, and efficient. Because of rapid changes that the Puget Sound region is experiencing, the Board and staff continuously anticipate challenges and take advantage of opportunities. As a result, 4Culture is a catalyst for change and creativity. As 4Cultures services, credibility, and stature grow, more people and organizations throughout the region and across the nation look to 4Culture as an organizational role model.

Therefore, the Executive Director must be dedicated to 4Cultures role in the region, and be an outstanding ambassador for the organization. The Executive Director must be prepared to guide an evolving arts/cultural/heritage sector. The Executive Director will need to unite the Board, staff, county officials, and stakeholders, including government agencies, corporations, community activists, and cultural organizations, to coalesce around a long-term vision and the policies and programs needed to advance it. While maintaining 4Cultures existing partnerships, the Executive Director must also cultivate new ones.

The Executive Director must be skilled at anticipating and leveraging change to strengthen 4Cultures relevance and value to an increasingly diverse community. As part of the responsibility for managing change, the Executive Director must be able to recognize threats and positively respond by taking reasonable and calculated risks.

The Executive Director must have a shared leadership approach to managing the agency. The Director must trust and support 4Cultures talented, skilled, and experienced staff, and respect the role and responsibilities of the Board and Advisory Committees. The Executive Director must also be able to continually strengthen the organizations culture of creativity, innovation, leadership, responsiveness, and accountability.

2. Excellent public affairs and government relations experience, skills, and capacity

Since 4Culture transitioned from a King County agency to an independent entity nearly two decades ago, the organization has thoughtfully and strategically nurtured and balanced its relationships with diverse community-based and regional partners. The Executive Director, staff, Board, and Advisory Committees all play a role in advocating for 4Culture while listening to, understanding, and integrating the interests, needs, and concerns of partners and stakeholders into 4Cultures programs and services.

The Executive Director must be conversant in and comfortable with arts, heritage, public art, and preservation public policy at the local, state, and national levels. The Executive Director is the organizations liaison to the King County Executive and King County Council, and must value and maintain the cooperative and collaborative relationship with them. The Executive Director must also be aware of and understand what is happening in Olympia, and be able to work effectively with state officials. Because 4Culture has a diverse array of stakeholders, the Executive Director must be able to demonstrate respect for their interests, needs, and concerns. The Director must be astute at harmonizing their interests with those of 4Culture to build consensus for a shared future direction. All of this means that 4Cultures Executive Director must have excellent communication, conflict-resolution, and consensus-building skills.

3. A deep appreciation, understanding of, and commitment to advancing racial equity and social justice

The staff, Board, and Advisory Committees have committed to advancing equity and social justice. But the journey to integrate these values, principles, and practices into 4Culture is just beginning. Someday all King County residents should see themselves reflected in and represented by arts, heritage, and preservation programs and in public spaces throughout the County.

The Executive Director must have a proven track record of collaboration with diverse communities, organizations, and agencies. The Director must be knowledgeable about systems of racial inequity, including in cultural funding, and be experienced in and/or dedicated to changing them. The Executive Director will need to champion 4Cultures transformation to enable the organization to address historic funding inequities to underserved communities of color. The Director will also need to support the staff in identifying and implementing new ways to strategically reach out to, and purposefully and meaningfully engage these communities.


According to 4Cultures Charter and traditions, the Executive Directors primary duties are to:

Provide executive leadership

  • Serve as 4Cultures chief executive officer, creating and maintaining a clear vision for the organization.
  • Serve as an ex officio member of the Board of Directors and all standing or ad hoc committees of the Board and/or 4Culture.
  • Develop and propose for the Boards approval 4Cultures annual operating budget and work plan.
  • Develop and oversee implementation of services, programs, and projects that support and advance 4Cultures vision, mission, and goals.

Manage daily operations

  • Recruit, hire, and manage the staff of full-time, part-time, and temporary employees.
  • Oversee the management of 4Culture's Advisory Committees, including the nomination of members.
  • Provide management oversight of 4Culture programs.
  • Perform or manage operational duties required to implement Board policy and ensure the efficient operations of 4Culture.
  • Establish operational procedures; manage them within the budgets and guidelines adopted by the 4Culture Board.
  • Oversee 4Culture financial processes, including the authorization of payments for contracts, grants, and expenditures, and the establishment and maintenance of a chart of accounts.
  • Contribute to the overall health and welfare of 4Culture by participating on internal subcommittees that address overarching issues affecting the operations of the agency, and by authorizing the creation of publications, presentations, and other 4Culture outreach and advocacy materials.

Build collaborative partnerships with partners, stakeholders, and the public

  • As the primary liaison to King County Executive and County Council, build and maintain cooperative and collaborative relationships with King County officials.
  • Build effective relationships with the Governors Office, Washington state legislators, and relevant agencies.
  • Build cooperative and collaborative relationships with community partners, constituents, and stakeholders, including those who have been historically underserved.
  • Serve as the public face of 4Culture for the public and media.
  • Oversee public information and technical assistance programs related to 4Culture programs.

How to apply
To apply for the position, please submit a current resume and a letter of interest that specifically addresses your experience in and commitment to the three essential qualifications listed in this announcement. Please submit these materials to Mr. Jim Reid, Principal, The Falconer Group. They may be submitted by email to jim@falconergroup.net. To be considered in the initial round of application review, all materials must be received by 12:00 pm PST on Monday, March 5, 2018. The privacy of applicants will be respected and preserved until the last phase of the hiring process. For example, references will be checked during the process of interviewing the finalists and with their knowledge. Questions about the application process and this announcement may be directed to Mr. Reid at 206-324-2061 or to the above email address.
Jim Reid
Phone: 2063242061
101 Prefontaine Place S.
Seattle, WA 98104

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