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Posted: 03/14/2018

Rhode Island Historical Society/Rhode Island Historical Preservation & Heritage

The Rhode Island Historical Society, in partnership with the Rhode Island Black Heritage Society and the Rhode Island Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission, is seeking a preservation consultant to conduct a survey of sites associated with the African American struggle for Civil Rights in 20th-century Rhode Island, the second phase of a three-phase project to discover, document, and share information about people, organizations, events, and places significant to the movement. The consultant will prepare a report that includes survey sheets, a context statement, analysis of the sites, and recommendations about the potential eligibility of sites for listing in the National Register of Historic Places.

Preservation Consultant
Professional Opportunity
Providence, RI
$10,000 max fee

The Request for Proposals, which includes the scope of work, description of work products, and project schedule, may be found here:



OPen until

How to apply
Proposals are due on April 2, 2018. Information on how to submit a proposal may be found in the Request for Proposals, available here: http://www.preservation.ri.gov/news/18civil-rights-rfp.php
Joanna Doherty
RI Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission
150 Benefit St
Providence, RI 02903

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