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Historic Preservation Planner (Associate)

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Posted: 06/13/2018

Arlington County Government
Community Planning, Housing and Development

Arlington, Virginia, is an attractive, well-planned community in which to live, visit or conduct business with a unique blend of excellent location, desirable living standard, and effective, pro-active government. It is a community that is interested in and very supportive of planning and community development. An urban County of about 26 square miles located across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C., Arlington has won recognition for maintaining high quality-residential neighborhoods while supporting well-managed growth and transit. There are no incorporated towns or cities within Arlington's boundaries. Arlington County is an innovative, progressive and dynamic organization that is well-known for its legacy of transit-oriented development and a community-driven planning process with significant and meaningful opportunity for public participation. The Arlington County Board has endorsed a land use policy that concentrates high-density development within the Metro subway corridors and preserves lower-density residential areas throughout the County. It is designed to ensure that Arlington is a balanced community of residential, recreational, educational, shopping and employment opportunities with good transportation supported by a strong tax base and effective use of public funds. The American Planning Association has recognized Arlington's commitment to community-based planning and smart growth with the Gold 2017 National Planning Achievement Award for implementation of our General Land Use Plan and smart growth journey. Arlington was one of 12 national award recipients. The County Board encourages a high level of citizen involvement and a hallmark of the County government processes has been broad citizen participation. Arlington is built on a foundation of strong individual neighborhoods linked to and supported by commercial centers. Through a range of citizen advisory committees, and strong civic organizations, representatives of differing interests (civic, religious, non-profit, and business) work together to identify policies, processes, and programs to meet their needs.

Historic Preservation Planner (Associate)
Professional Opportunity
Arlington County, VA
$61,609.60 - $100,651.10
Open Until

The Historic Preservation Program (HPP) is a dynamic part of the Neighborhood Services Division (NSD) within the Department of Community Planning, Housing, and Development (CPHD) that helps identify, document, and preserve Arlington's historic resources and cultural heritage.

This position will assist program staff in overseeing the enforcement of the Historic Preservation Ordinance; support the functions, committees, and activities of the Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board (HALRB); and promote historic preservation through a variety of special projects. Additionally, this position will manage the review and approval process for Certificates of Appropriateness (CoAs) in the County's 40 local historic districts; offer technical assistance to property owners, other staff, and the general public; and provide input on special planning initiatives and review processes affecting historic resources Countywide.

For more information about the HPP please click here.

Specific duties include:

  • Staffing and providing administrative support for all meetings of the HALRB and its subcommittees;
  • Completing all aspects of the local historic district designation process from the initial application through completion and approval (includes conducting historical and architectural research, writing detailed research reports, preparing design guidelines, and collaborating with property owners);
  • Researching, writing, and designing historic markers;
  • Assisting with the preparation of nominations to the National Register of Historic Places;
  • Assisting with the implementation of and updates to the Historic Preservation Master Plan, which may include updates to the Historic Resources Inventory (HRI);
  • Receiving and evaluating various types of trade and building permits;
  • Responding to inquiries from the general public, County commissions and advisory groups, and/or other staff;
  • Helping maintain the large records collection of the HPP and making those records more accessible to the public;
  • Providing support to preservation planning initiatives, such as through historic research, mapping, and database maintenance;
  • Participating in outreach activities to educate the public about Arlington's built environment, cultural heritage, and preservation-related initiatives.and
  • Assisting with writing and publishing outreach materials, and making regular updates for the HPP website.

The employee must work effectively and diplomatically with County staff, citizen commissions/advisory groups, residents and property owners, architects, contractors, and the development community to carry out Arlington's historic preservation goals, which are a key part of Arlington's Urban Village vision.

Minimum: Bachelor's degree in Historic Preservation, History, Public History, Architecture, Urban Planning, or a closely related field, plus at least two years of professional experience in a preservation- or planning-focused organization.  

The ideal candidate also will have experience in the following:

  • Completing historic research and writing detailed reports;
  • Presenting applications and information to historic preservation commissions and/or public review bodies; and
  • Analyzing historic resources to assess their integrity, significance, and/or appropriateness of modifications.

Substitution: Additional qualifying experience may substitute for the education requirement on a year-for-year basis.

Desirables: Preference will be given to candidates with one or more of the following:

  • A Master's degree in Historic Preservation, History, Public History, Architecture, Urban Planning or a closely related field;
  • Strong oral and written communication skills to effectively explain laws, policies, and procedures to the public;
  • Excellent organizational skills for prioritizing and managing multiple tasks and projects simultaneously;
  • Project management experience; and/or
  • Strong computer skills, including Adobe Suite and/or graphic design.

How to apply
For more information and to apply go to htts://careers.arlingtonva.us/
Hilda Quinteros

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