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Tribal Historic Preservation Officer

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Posted: 11/08/2019

Stockbridge Munsee Community
Cultural Affairs Department

Tribal Historic Preservation Officer
Professional Opportunity
Troy, NY
Open Until

The position is under the direction of the Tribal Historic Preservation Manager.  The position is responsible for providing assistance to the Historic Preservation Office in daily activities for preservation of cultural sites of the Stockbridge-Munsee Band of Mohicans on the east coast. The position is responsible to be the link between the Historic Preservation Office, the Stockbridge-Munsee Community and other parties within Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, managing a caseload of approximately 400 project reviews annually across a service area of 6 northeastern states.


  1. Work with professional experts, when necessary, to conduct Section 106 reviews.
  2. Review, analyze, provide written comment on, record and track cultural resource project submittals as related to Section 106 reviews
  3. Consult with appropriate Federal and State agencies in accordance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act; and State Indian Nations cultural resource policies on undertakings that may affect Mohican historic sites.
  4. Conduct research utilizing local personnel, State Historical Society or any other archives or institutions for the collection of information to record, analyze and evaluate data for identification of cultural sites.
  5. Act as the primary contact person if artifacts and human remains are uncovered via road or building construction in state of New York and surrounding states if relevant to Stockbridge-Munsee history.
  6. Work with the Historic Preservation Manager to identify and catalogue significant resources, historic sites, cultural properties, landmarks, historical documents and artifacts.
  7. Travel throughout the service area of New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania oftentimes alone and in remote areas in order to monitor fieldwork, construction projects, or to participate in on-site consultation meetings.
  8. Participate in Historic Preservation Committee and relevant workgroups in New York and surrounding states if relevant to safeguarding Stockbridge-Munsee history.
  9. Work with Historic Preservation Manager to conduct traditional cultural properties investigations, and National Register nominations or updates for significant Mohican and Munsee site identification and preservation. Learn or have knowledge of Mohican and Munsee History, become knowledgeable on Section 106, National Environmental Policy Act, Archaeological Resources Protection Act, and Stockbridge-Munsee tribal laws and protocols and implement them as needed in Stockbridge-Munsees territory. 
  10. Provide public information, education and training, and technical assistance in historic preservation, oral and written.
  11. The above duties and responsibilities are not an all-inclusive list but rather a general representation of the duties and responsibilities associated with this position.  The duties and responsibilities will be subject to change based on organizational needs and/or deemed necessary by the supervisor.


  1. Bachelors degree is required. A Bachelors degree in Archaeology or Cultural anthropology is preferred.
  2. Must live within a reasonable distance of the Troy, NY office area.
  3. Must be able to write clear and concise reports and demonstrate analytical writing skills.
  4. Must be able to present formal verbal presentations and successfully perform high-level dialogue with governmental agencies.
  5. Must be able to complete presentations to a variety of audience type and sizes.
  6. Possess a high level of sensitivity to the needs of the tribal community.
  7. Demonstrate excellence in conducting community-based research.
  8. Must have the ability to utilize a wide variety of reference, descriptive, and/or technical data and information such as archaeological and engineering reports and mapping.
  9. Must be able to take on additional responsibilities in a spirit of cooperation and teamwork.
  10. Must adhere to Employers Employee Dishonesty Policy.
  11. Must be able to travel frequently and stay for extended times.
  12. Must pass pre-employment drug and health screening.  Must adhere to the Tribes Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace Policy during the course of employment.
  13. Must have a valid drivers license, reliable transportation, and insurance. 
  14. Must have demonstrated ability to maintain satisfactory working record in any prior or current employment.
  15. Must be eligible for coverage under the employers liability insurance.
  16. Must be able to meet physical requirements of position.
  17. Must abide by departmental and organizational safety, testing, and uniform guidelines.
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How to apply
Visit https://www.mohican.com/tribal-historic-preservation-officer/ for details

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