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Exhibits Technician I

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Posted: 06/26/2020

Calvert Marine Museum

The Calvert Marine Museum is a public, non-profit, educational, regionally oriented museum dedicated to the collection, preservation, research, and interpretation of the culture and natural history of Southern Maryland. We are dedicated to the presentation of our three themes: regional paleontology, estuarine life of the tidal Patuxent River and adjacent Chesapeake Bay, and maritime history of these waters. The museum is part of Calvert County Government.

Exhibits Technician I
Professional Opportunity
Solomons, MD
Open Until


Job Summary


Merit Full-time Position, Grade 19, 35 hours per week.  Please Note:  Presentation of portfolio is required at interview.

Performs work to develop, fabricate and maintain exhibits, signage and graphics essential to the museum and its functions.  Responsible for producing a variety of items from materials such as wood, metal,  acrylic, composites, sign blanks, adhesives, paints & finishes..  Works under the supervision of the Curator of Exhibitions.  Work requires considerable experience in the field.

Essential Job Functions/Other Duties/KSA


Maintains existing exhibits and signage. Prepares exhibit panels and signs.
Maintains audio-visual equipment relative to exhibits, including solid-state playback devices, projectors, touch-computers, and monitors
Designs and produces graphics or text as needed for exhibits or publications.
Establishes changing exhibits schedule including contacting sources for exhibits, contracting, arranging transportation, making appropriate in-houses arrangements and installing as directed.
Oversees and assists volunteers and interns working for the department.
Mats and frames a wide assortment of prints, paper items and photographs using mat cutters, various adhesives and small hand tools.
Provides assistance with exhibit lighting and installation.
Designs, fabricates, and constructs three-dimensional reproductions for display.
Paints exhibits, panels, and cases using various techniques including enamel spray paint and finishes.
Provides artistic illustrations working from skeletal remains, sketches, photographs or prints under the direction of subject curators. Completes thorough study of references to assure taxonomic or historical accuracy in exhibits.

Performs metal working and bracket fabrication for exhibit display.


Fabricates signs and logos using vinyl cutting machine.
Prepares printed vinyl, vinyl letter, and laminated panels.


Other Job Duties


Acts as intermediary between the museum or department and outside providers, sign makers, builders, component or exhibit fabricators, and printers.
Performs woodworking, such as cutting, sanding, finishing and painting.
Performs digital camera work and edits with software programs
Performs other related duties.
Assists with signage and setup for museum events as needed.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (These are pre-employment KSA that apply only to Essential Job Functions.)


Knowledge of--


·         Visual arts and displays.


·         Large-format signage, including mounting vinyl prints and preparing and installing vinyl letters.


·         Various properties of paint colors, inks, and finishing materials.


·         Common hand tools, hardware, power tools, and shop materials.


·         Various construction and exhibit techniques and materials.


·         Computer and computer graphics.


·         Artifact handling and mount making.


Ability to--


·         Meet deadlines and perform under occasional pressures.


·         Work on numerous projects simultaneously.


·         Produce work with a high level of craftsmanship.


·         Deal effectively with the public, staff, and volunteers.


·         Work both independently, and as a member of a team.


Minimum Qualifications


Required Qualifications (Note: Any acceptable combination of education, training, and relevant experience that provides the above knowledge, skills, and abilities may be substituted on a full-time year for year basis.)

Training and/or Education


Associates in Art/Humanities or related degree.  Bachelors in same related field preferred.



Two years of experience in visual arts, display and graphics, Word processing, and various methods of print and graphic production as well as woodworking, cabinetry, and finishing.

Licenses or Certificates


Valid driver's license and a current Medical Examiner's Certificate in accordance with Federal Regulations.

Other Information


Special Requirements

Physical Demands
Requires long periods of standing, frequent walking indoors, repeated bending, crouching, stooping, stretching or reaching; recurring lifting of objects up to 49 pounds.


Unusual Demands

FLSA Status

Accommodations will be made for individuals with disabilities upon reasonable notice. 


County application required. 




Calvert County Government



150 Main Street, Suite 101, County Services Plaza
Prince Frederick, Maryland, 20678

410-535-1600 ext. 2401 or 2359  / Fax 410-414-5617



Calvert County Government offers a wide range of benefits to enhance the lifestyle of our employees and the lifestyle of their families and dependents. Benefits are offered to all merit, part-time, and grant-funded employees that are regularly scheduled to work 50% or more of the normal pay period. Contractual and appointed employees may also be eligible for benefits.

Calvert County Government is an equal opportunity employer and takes great pride in offering a competitive salary, competitive benefits, and a quality work environment.

Please feel free to call the Department of Human Resources (410-535-1600 ext. 2359) for more information on the benefits of becoming a Calvert County employee or the hiring process.

Medical, Dental, Vision and Other

This pre-tax benefit package is a cafeteria-style program that allows you to choose from:


· Two choices of medical insurance


· Dental insurance


· Vision insurance


· Prescription coverage


· Flexible spending accounts


· Each eligible employee is given credits/dollars to purchase his or her benefits. Any unused credits are paid to the employee over 24 pay periods.

The County also makes other types of post-tax insurance available to eligible employees at a group rate that are payroll deductible and portable. They are:


· Income Security Plus Disability/accident/sickness


· Personal Short Term Disability disability/sickness


· Cancer Insurance


· Personal Term and Whole Life Insurance


· Retirement Savings Options




Defined Contributions Retirement

The County offers a portable Defined Contribution Retirement Plan that allows eligible employees to save for retirement. The employee contributes 3% of their base salary on a pretax basis and the County contributes 5%. The employee directs how the money is to be invested and can monitor the growth of their fund through quarterly statements or speak directly to the plan administrator. County contributions vest on an incremental basis with full vesting at seven years. The County provides a death benefit and disability protection to cover plan participants.

Deferred Compensation

This is a voluntary plan that allows eligible employees to invest up to the IRS allowable pre-tax contribution to their fund. Employees direct investments and may monitor funds with the plan administrator and a quarterly statement.

Personal, Annual, Sick Leave and Holidays


· Personal leave 5 days per year


· Annual leave 10 days per year for the first two years of employment and increases with additional years (accrues from year to year ability to cash in 10 days of annual leave per calendar year)


· Sick leave 15 days per year (accrues from year to year)


· Holidays 12 days per year


How to apply
Paper applications are accepted but electronic applications are preferred.
Kathleen Porecki
Phone: 4103262042
PO Box 97
14200 Solomons Island Road S
Solomons, MD 20688

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