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Running Plaster Cornices Workshop

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Running Plaster Cornices Workshop
posted 06/09/2017  
Craftwork Training Center
Telford, PA
08/22/2017 - 08/24/2017

MAS-4.2 Running Plaster Cornices

Craftwork Training Center will help you restore your piece of history!

Whether you're a craftsman, contractor, architect, owner, or someone who simply loves old homes, join us for a 3-day workshop to learn how to run a plaster cornice.

A plaster cornice run in-situ is one of the traditional ways of forming decorative moulding--shaping the wet plaster on site and in position on the wall at the ceiling to wall junction. A highly skilled artisan is required to run a solid plaster cornice in-situ. The process involves filling the corner between the wall and ceiling with plaster, using a zinc running mould (cut to the required profile) to rough out and run the core shape of the cornice, then running a finish coat of plaster using the final zinc running mould. Interior corner miters may be formed free-hand using special tools. For composite designs, decorative enrichments are incorporated within the traditional solid run plaster cornice. If the cornice is damaged, it must be re-run. Then, plaster encrichments are re-cast and attached to match the existing design. Hands-on demonstrations and practice exercises include laying out and setting the running rules and screeds, coring-out and muffling a running cornice, forming breaks and corner miters, pushing the mould to stay on line, mixing plaster for running and casting, and attaching enrichments. To ensure an exceptional learning experience, the class size is limited.

After completing the workshop participants will:

  • Be able to prepare the substrate to receive the running cornice.
  • Know the steps to successfully run a plaster cornice in-situ.
  • Be able to identify the parts of a plaster running mould.
  • Understand the different methods used to copy the existing cornice profile and reproduce it as a metal template.
  • Be able to construct a running mould that matches the existing plaster cornice.

Craftwork training Center teaches time-honored skills and fine craftsmanship using intensive hands-on training in preservation masonry and carpentry techniques. Our workshops enable students to repair, restore, and stabilize historic structures and their components. We also emphasize construction principles, current and emerging industry standards, preservation practices, and sustainable materials.

Book Workshop MAS-4.2 (Aug. 22-24, 2017) online at 
https://www.shoplimeworks.us/store/p493/MAS-4.2 or call 215-536 1776 to register by phone.

All of our workshops include lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on learning and are held on the beautiful campus shared by LimeWorks.us and Craftwork training Center located at 3145 State Road, Telford, PA 18969 (unless otherwise noted). Detailed descriptions of our workshops and a complete schedule or our 2017 programs can be found online at http://craftworktrainingcenter.com/course-catalog.php


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