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Workshop: Certified Lithomex Installer

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Workshop: Certified Lithomex Installer
posted 11/29/2017  
Craftwork Training Center
Telford, PA
12/28/2017 - 12/29/2017

'Tis the season . . . To live your best life!
Go beyond the basics and focus on the art and method of using Lithomex to repair damaged or decaying historic brick and stone.


Workshop MAS-06: Certified Lithomex Installer
Dec. 28-29, 2017; 8:00 am to 3:30 pm (lunch is included)
Craftwork Training Center, 3145 State Rd., Telford, PA 18969


Take your talent higher as a Certified Lithomex Installer:
* Recognize how to prepare the host masonry to improve bonding and prevent cracking.
* Be able to mix, prepare, blend, and apply Lithomex for optimal durability and service life.
* Simulate stone or brick features, rough finishes, and false joints.
* Know how to use the edge of a trowel or steel float to shape and form details and corners.
* Understand how to achieve fine polished finishes by troweling after initial set.
* Rub down the repair to its final shape and profile by using abrasive pads, blocks, knives, and straight-edges.
* Realize how to age the repair (if appropriate) to match the surrounding masonry, making the repair disappear.

Each student must successfully complete the hands-on skills and pass an end-of-class written exam to receive the Lithomex Installer certification which is valid for 5 years.

Book Workshop MAS-06 (Certified Lithomex Installer) online at https://www.shoplimeworks.us/store/p485/MAS-06 or 215-536-1776 to register by phone.


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