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Workshop on Vernacular Balkan Architecture: Rhodope Mountains 2018

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Workshop on Vernacular Balkan Architecture: Rhodope Mountains 2018
posted 12/11/2017  
Balkan Heritage Field School & Meshtra Association for Traditional Kno
Dolen, Bul
07/14/2018 - 07/28/2018

TheWorkshop on Vernacular Balkan Architecture welcomes students and volunteers to take part in the documentation, conservation & experimental construction oftraditionalBalkanresidential housesdating mainly to 17th - 19th c.in the historic village of Dolen, Rhodope Mountains. The learning experience on environmental friendly techniques and practices from the past will be supplemented by the unique historic and natural ambiance of the mountainousvillage and visits to many more historic towns & villages and archaeological & natural sites.The field school is targeted for students and young specialists in architecture, engineering and historic preservation as well as artists, but we also welcome anyone interested in traditional masonry, travel and environmental friendly practices of living from the past.

Major field school topics & activities:

  • - Introduction to the history and typology oftraditional Balkan house architecture& building techniques
  • - Training in surveying andrecording of traditional houses
  • - Participation in an experimental construction project exploiting traditional masonrytechniques andnatural materials (earth, stone, wood)
  • - Study trips tohistoric towns & villages and archaeological & natural sitesin the Rhodopes and the Pirin Mountains (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and an optional tour to Greece

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